2018 Hot Products Catalog

INTAKE MANIFOLD UPGRADE KIT 255/260/300 RIVA’s Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit enables your engine to produce more horse- power through increased boost pressure (+1lb). Supplied hole cutting tool allows easy removal of restrictive screen element from inside of intake manifold. Special O-ringed, billet block-off plug with integrated fitting for aftermarket boost pressure gauge fills opening left after removal of screen element. Includes detailed installa- tion instructions. NOTE: RIVA’s testing has determined the stock ECU will com- pensate for the increased boost provided by RIVA’s Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit. Description Part No. RXP-X/RXP-X 255/260 RS12080-IMUK RXP-X 300 (2016-18), RXT-X 300 (2016-17) RS12140-IMUK GTR 230 (2017-18), GTR-X 230 (2017-18), GTX LTD 300 (2016-17) HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 15 SEA-DOO 4 STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. Sea-Doo Spark Parts & Accessories are now in the new Sea-Doo Spark feature section pages 8-13 SEA-DOO 4-STROKE • INTAKE RIVA SEA-DOO POWER FILTER KIT • Delivers increased acceleration • Genuine screen type K&N flame arrestor • Large 4” smooth-bore ducting attaches to Supercharger via flow-matched velocity stack • Water repellant pre-filter • IJSBA legal for all classes Note: Requires use of RIVA Catch Can / Oil Breather System (part # RS19050-BCC). Description Part No. RXP/RXT 260 & GTR 215/213 Power Filter Kit RS13111 RIVA POWER FILTER KIT Description Part No. A. RIVA Power Filter Kit, RXP 215 (2005-10), RS13050-06 RXT 215 (2005-10), GTX 215 (2008-09), RXP-X 215 (2008-09), RXT-X 215 (2008-09), WAKE 215 (2008), GTX-SC 185 (2004-06), GTX LTD (2006-08), WAKE PRO 215 (2009) B. Power Filter Kit GTX-SC 185 (2003) RS13050-03 C. Power Filter only for RS13050-03/06 RS13050-2 Pre-Filter Only for RS13050-2 RS13050-PF-BLK D. Power Filter GTX LTD iS 255 (2009), RS13100-S GTX iS 215 (2010), GTX LTD iS 260 (2010-15), RTX iS 255 (2009),RTX iS 260 (2010-12), RXT-X aS 260 (2012-16), GTX LTD iS 260 (2016), GTX LTD S 260 (2017) C. D. A. B. RIVA SEA-DOO RXP-X/ RXT-X 300 POWER FILTER KIT • Delivers increased acceleration & power • Genuine screen type K&N flame arrestor • Large 4” ducting attaches to supercharger via flow-matched velocity stack • Includes water repellant pre-filter • Compatible with both OEM engine breather hose & aftermarket engine breather/catch can (part# RS19050-BCC) • IJSBA legal for all classes Description Part No. RXP-X 300 (2016-18), RS13140-1 RXT-X 300 / GTX LTD 300 (2016-17) RXT-X 300 / GTX LTD 300 (2018) RS13120 TORX ® SOCKET SET FOR SEA-DOO ENGINES Special Star Sockets for Sea-Doo 4-TEC & DI engine bolts are made from heat-treated vanadium steel and black oxide coated for durability. Supplied in a convenient vinyl socket holder. Contains Four 3/8” Drive Sockets (T10, T12, T14, T16) and three 1/4” Drive Sockets (T6, T7, T8) Description Part No. Torx Socket Set LS26750 TORX ® BIT SET FOR SEA-DOO ENGINES Seven 1/4” Hex Insert Bits with 1/4” Drive Bit Holder. T-10 through T-40. Description Part No. Torx Bit Set LS26000