2018 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 174 INTAKE SYSTEMS FOUR STROKE ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. JET WORKS ADJUSTABLE WATER RESTRICTOR Allows user to adjust flow on any 3/8” ID waterline. A great product for fine tuning engine/exhaust temperature for maximum power. Description Part No. Adjustable Water Restrictor JWR-01 RHAAS BILLET EXHAUST OUTLET Description Part No. D. Kawasaki X2 (1986-93) X2BILLETEX E. Kawasaki 550 (1986-89) 550BILEXH F. Kawasaki X2 (1994-95) X2BILLETEX2 G. Universal 2” Exhaust Outlet 2INCHEXH Description Color Hose ID Part No. A. Standard Flow Control Valve Red 3/8” 52-3118 B. Pro Flow Control Valve Blue 3/8” 52-3119 C. Pro Flow Control Valve Blue 1/4” 52-3122 JET WORKS QUICK DISCONNECT WATER RESTRICTOR QD-38 comes with 4/3/2mm restrictor inserts used for controlling water flow through exit passes, stinger, head pipes, etc. QD-14 is for use with Mikuni Jets (not included), and allows quick change in small increments of water flow. Description Hose ID Part No. Quick Disconnect Water Restrictor 3/8” QD-38 Quick Disconnect Water Restrictor 1/4” QD-14 QD-14 QD-38 A . C . B. JET WORKS FLOW CONTROL VALVE The Flow Control Valve provides improved throttle response and much quicker starts by drying out your waterbox at low rpm and idle speeds. Tests have shown an average acceleration improvement of 10 feet over a non-equipped model in the first 50 feet. The Flow Control Valve allows unrestricted water flow to the Stinger for better top speed.Yet it controls the amount of water at low speeds for better response. It also allows for an easier tuning of the Carburetors. It does not interfere with normal engine or exhaust pipe cooling and is compatible with all electronic water injection systems. Race Legal for All Classes. Two Models are available. Both are adjustable. The Standard Flow Control Valve is preset at 3.5 p.s.i. and is adjusted by adding the supplied stainless steel shims to increase the spring tension. The Pro-Series is externally adjustable by turning the outer housing by hand. Pressure can be tested with pop off gauge. All PWC w/OEM or aftermarket exhaust systems (except Yamaha’s w/OEM exhaust) JET WORKS RESTRICTOR Includes 3 different sizes of restrictor inserts which allow you to adjust water flow. Description Color Hose ID Part No. Jet Works Restrictor Silver 3/8” JW-WRK D. E. F. G. FUEL TANK BRACKET FOR SJ96+ This bracket attached on Super Jet Fuel Tanks utilizing OEM Fuel Tank Rubber Strap. Bracket holds MSD Water Control system (pre-drilled), Micro Touch Water Injection System and etc. Yamaha Part No. Yamaha Superjet Fuel Tank Bracket 115849