2018 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 41 YAMAHA 4 STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. YAMAHA • INTAKE R&D POWER PLENUM FLAME ARRESTER FOR STOCK AIR BOX Description Part No. FX-SHO (2008-12), FX-SVHO (2013-18), 200-01800 FZR/FZS (2009-16), VXR/VXS (2011-16) OEM INTAKE MANIFOLD POWER SLEEVE R&D INTERCOOLER CFM SPACER RIVA INTAKE MANIFOLD UPGRADE KIT Description Part No. All FZ & FX SVHO, All FZ & FX SHO, RY12040-IMUK* VXR/VXS (2013+), FXHO (2013+) 2009-12 1.8 HO RY12055-IMUK (Naturally Aspirated) Models Only * Upgrade kit does not work on 2018 1.8L engine, due to new plastic intake manifold WORX YAMAHA RIBBON REMOVER Description Part No. All Supercharger Models & WR04001 All 2013+ N/A Models * Upgrade kit does not work on 2018 1.8L engine, due to new plastic intake manifold WORX AIR FILTER KIT Description Part No. All Yamaha 1.8 Supercharged WR04020 SHO/SVHO Models, FZ Models, FX Models, GP1800 WORX VXR/VXS (13+) AIR FILTER KIT Description Part No. VXR/VXS (13+), All Yamaha N/A Models WR04043 A B WORX YAMAHA 1.8L BILLET THROTTLE BODY MOUNT • Billet Anodized Construction • Replace OEM rubber part which separates and leaks boost • Comes with all hardware for installation • Suits all Yamaha 1.8L Description Part No. Billet Throttle Body Mount WR04047 RIVA YAMAHA REPLACEMENT PERFORMANCE AIR FILTER Description Part No. SVHO/SHO/HO/SVHO/FZR/FZS RY13040-OE FX Cruiser HO, FX Cruiser SHO, FX Cruiser SVHO Replaces OEM Filter #6S5-E4451-00-00 EX (2017-18), VX (2017-18), VI (2016) RY13100-OE Replaces OEM Filter #6EY-14451-00-00 R&D POWER CORE INTAKE MANIFOLD/INTERCOOLER CFM KIT Description Part No. A & B FX-SHO (2008-12), FZR/FZS (2009-12) 612-18000 Power Core Billet Intake Manifold Sleeve & Intercooler Spacer CFM Kit A. FX-SHO (2008-12), FZR/FZS (2009-12) 612-17998 Power Core Intake Manifold Sleeve Only B. FX-SHO (2008-12), FZR/FZS (2009-12) 612-17999 Intercooler CFM Spacer Only VXR/VXS (2011-12) Power Sleeve 232-18000 Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit SVHO (2013-17), VXR/VXS (2013+) 612-17997 Power Sleeve Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit C. SVHO (2018) Ribbon Delete Kit 612-17996 C