2018 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 61 KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. YAMAHA • INTAKE KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R • EXHAUST • FUEL R&D EXHAUST POWER COLLECTOR The R&D Power Collector was developed to directly replace the low performance O.E.M. 12F Kawasaki 4 into 2 into 1 Exhaust header collector with a modern “Racing Design” 4 into 1 Merge Collector. The R&D 4-1 Collector has a much larger area change and volume in the collector over the stock restrictive design. If you plan on building an OPEN CLASS race engine with higher compression ratios, the R&D Power Collector is a must have part! The Power Collector is 100% water jacketed and handcrafted using only the best stainless materials! Description Part No. Exhaust Power Collector 1500 SX-R 331-81500 R&D FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR The R&D Regulator Kit comes completely assembled with all fuels lines, connectors, and fittings in place and ready to install. The R&D Kit also includes the necessary “Port Plug” to easily block off the stock in tank pressure regulator, and custom “plug on” return line fitting. The R&D regulator bracket will allow the regulator to be installed so fuel pressure tuning access is easily accessible. Base fuel pressure is adjustable from 30 to 75 PSI, and can also be set up as a Rising Rate System (60-75) for super- charger or turbocharger applications. Description Part No. Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1500 SX-R 801-31500 PROWATERCRAFT FUEL LEVEL GAUGE Prowatercraft Racing’s fuel level gage allows the rider to easily monitor the amount of fuel that is inside of their tank. Knowing exactly where your fuel level is allows you to not have to deal with the engine suddenly shutting off due to fuel starvation Description Part No. 1500 SX-R Fuel Level guage - Stock Cap PW-01F-DPS 1500 SX-R Fuel Level guage - Aftermarket cap PW-01F-DPS2 R&D CRANK CASE VENT KIT Description Part No. Crank Case Vent Kit 1500 SX-R 215-15005 R&D HIGH FLOW REAR EXHAUST KIT The R&D SXR 2.250” High Flow Rear Exhaust Kit is a “Must Have” kit for bet- ter Holeshot and Top End Performance! The high flow kit is designed to be used with the High Performance power adders like camshaft kits, and 14-1 Piston kits. The R&D Kit will add a huge difference in “holeshot” low end and midrange accelerations by eliminating exhaust back pressure. The kit also comes complete with a guide fixture needed to cut and gut out the stock restrictive water box(331-81511 only. 331-81510 does not requires modifica- tion of waterbox). R&D has chosen to modify the stock water box, and main- tain the oem exhaust routing to keep water out of the engine in case there is that occasional tip over or rollover, your engine will not get “Swamped” with water that can be catastrophic! The kits exhaust outlet flange is available in four anodized colors, red, black, green and clear. NOTE: The R&D Kit is available in two performance options, One for Modified waterboxes, and one designed specifically for the stock waterbox where rules restrictions require stock water boxes (Like Limited or Superstock Classes) LIMITED CLASS FOR STOCK WATERBOX Description Part No. Black Exhaust Flange 331-81510-BLK Green Exhaust Flange 331-81510-GRN Red Exhaust Flange 331-81510-RED Silver Exhaust Flange 331-81510-SIL OPEN CLASS FOR MODIFIED WATERBOX Description Part No. Black Exhaust Flange 331-81511-BLK Green Exhaust Flange 331-81511-GRN Red Exhaust Flange 331-81511-RED Silver Exhaust Flange 331-81511-SIL Prowatercraft Fuel Guage Instructional video