2018 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 66 INTAKE SYSTEMS KAWASAKI 4 STROKE ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL ULTRA 250/260/300/310 • SPEED OVERDRIVE • ECU • SUPERCHARGER © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. R&D ULTRA WASTE GATE BLOCK-OFF KIT The CNC machined part allows the super- charger to deliver its boost without prema- ture pressure loss from a leaking waste gate. Kit comes complete with gaskets and hardware. Description Part No. R&D Ultra 250/260/300/310 Waste Gate Block-Off Kit 611-26001 ULTRA 250/260/300/310 ADJUSTABLE BOOST CONTROL VALVE KIT The R&D Adjustable Boost Control Valve replaces the unreliable OEM Plastic boost control valve that quite often fails to hold consistent factory recommended boost pres- sure settings. A leaking and inconsistent boost control valve will cause a 10-30 horse- power loss in performance.The all aluminum constructed High Performance R&D Adjustable Valve offers perfect sealing and precise adjustment for consistent boost pressure control.The valve comes factory preset for 16 pounds boost and is adjustable up to 22 pounds.The valve mounts directly to the OEM location with a billet aluminum adaptor that offers boss locations that can be used to install a boost gauge. For those with a reprogrammed R&D ECU, this is a must have upgrade to allow the ECU to per- form to full potential. kit includes all gaskets, hardware and installation instructions. Description Part No. Ultra 250/260/300/310 Adjustable Boost 611-25210 Control Valve Kit R&D AUTOMETER 0-35 PSI UNIVERSAL BOOST GAUGE R&D offers the Autometer Ultra-Lite Series 2” mechanical boost gauge to give the best reference in verifying and monitoring boost levels precisely. The Autometer Gauge kit comes com- plete with all the necessary hardware, and 10 feet of nylon tubing to install on any watercraft. Description Part No. R&D Autometer Universal Boost Gauge 900-04304 R&D Ultra 250/260/300/310 Boost Guage Adapter 611-26002 *NOTE: It will be necessary to order an R&D Boost Gauge Adapter Kit for the specific make and model of engine. R&D ULTRA BOOST GAUGE ADAPTER The R&D Boost Adapter installs between the supercharger and the waste gate and allows the ability to mount a boost gauge to it via 1/8” fitting. This will enable an accurate measurement of boost the supercharger is delivering. Kit comes with gaskets and hardware. Description Part No. R&D Ultra 250/260/300/310 Boost Gauge Adapter 611-26002 RIVA SPEED CONTROL OVERRIDE MODULE • Removes restrictive speed limiter system. • Increases top speed utilizing stock ECU. • U.S. models will gain 3-4mph with no additional modifications. • Allows further top speed gains through aftermarket modifications. • All original dash functions are retained. • Does not interfere with speedometer, Eco Mode & Cruise Control functions • Easy plug-in installation. Description Part No. 300X/300LX (2011-13), RK11110-SCOM 310X/310LX/310XSE/310R (2014-18) R&D SPEED-UP MODULE (SPEED CONTROL OVERRIDE) • 3-4 MPH top speed improvement • Retains O.E.M dash functions, Eco mode, and Cruise Control • Plugs into O.E.M. harness terminals for a factory looking install, completely stealth to the ECU • Improved RPM performance (up to 300+) • Full Boost levels achieved (2 pound boost addition) • Top speed performance significantly improved. • 10 minute plug and play performance • Works well with all other performance bolt on parts (R&D Ride Plate & Aquavein Scoop Grates) Description Part No. R&D Ultra 300X Speed-Up Module (2011-13) 801-15300 R&D Ultra 310X Speed-Up Module (2014-16) 801-15310 RIVA MAPTUNER X See page 6-7 for more information Description Part No. Maptuner X Kawasaki Bundle (A,B & C) RK110SC-B A. Kawasaki Tuning License RK110SC-TL B. Maptuner X 01-MTX C. Kawasaki Cables for Maptuner X 01-MT0018 A. Bundle Part #RK110SC-B B. C.