2018 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 7 ALL 4 STROKE INATKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. RIVA RACING MAPTUNER X Maptuner X Sea-Doo Instructional Video Kawasaki Instructional Video Yamaha Instructional Video RIVA MAPTUNER X BUNDLES RIVA Racing has created these bundles for and simple ordering. There is no limit to the number of vehicles or tunes you can reflash with the MaptunerX. Sea-Doo (All Except Spark) Part No. Maptuner X BRP Bundle (2004-17) All Except Spark RS110SC-B Maptuner X BRP Bundle (2018) All Except Spark RS110SC-B-1 Sea-Doo (Spark Only) Part No. Maptuner X BRP Bundle for Spark (14-17) only RS110NA-B Maptuner X BRP Bundle for Spark (2018) only RS110NA-B-1 Yamaha Part No. Maptuner X Yamaha 1.8L Models (2008-17) RY110SC-B Maptuner X Yamaha 1.8L Models (2018) RY110SC-B-1 Maptuner X Yamaha TR1 (2016-18) Bundle RY110TR1-B Kawasaki (All Runabouts) Part No. Maptuner X Kawasaki Bundle RK110SC-B Kawasaki (1500 SX-R Only) Part No. Maptuner X Bundle RK110NA-B-SXR RIVA MAPTUNER X UNIT ONLY Maptuner X Unit & Edit License Part No. Maptuner X Unit & USB Computer Cable 01-MTX RIVA MAPTUNER X PROGRAMMING CABLES Programming Cable Part No. BRP Cable for Maptuner X (All Sea-Doo (2004-17) 01-MT013 BRP Cable for Maptuner X (All Sea-Doo) 2018 01-MT013/3 Kawasaki Cable for Maptuner X (All Except 1500 SX-R) 01-MT0018 Kawasaki Cable for Maptuner X (1500 SX-R Only) 01-MT026 Yamaha Cable for Maptuner X (1.8L Models (2008-17) 01-MT0017 Yamaha Cable for Maptuner X 01-MT023 TR1 (2016-18) and 1.8L Models (2018) RIVA MAPTUNER X TUNING LICENSES Simply purchase one additional tuning license for each vehicle that you would like to program. Includes full access to RIVA's world famous tuning library along with unmatched technical support. Easily switch between per- formance tunes and then back to stock settings if you wish. Tuning License Part No. Sea-Doo Tuning License (All Except Spark) RS110SC-TL Sea-Doo Tuning License (Spark Only) RS110NA-TL Kawasaki Tuning License RK110SC-TL Yamaha Tuning License (All Yamaha) RY110SC-TL RIVA MAPTUNER X EDIT LICENSE The Map Edit License allows you to customize existing RIVA maps within the MaptunerX desktop software. This is an upgrade to a standard license above and requires you to have purchased a standard license to upgrade. This only edits one standard license. Edit Tuning License Part No. Map Edit License* RY11UNI-MEF *For Yamaha model, requires BIN# of Model RIVA MAPTUNER X WATER-RESISTANT SILICONE CASE Designed to protect your MaptunerX from dents, bumps and scratches along with provid- ing a level of water resistance from spray and splashes. The silicone exterior makes it easy to grip in your hand for avoiding slips and drops. Fits snugly over your device without adding bulk. Includes RAM ball mount for attach- ment to your vehicle with optional bracket. Sea-Doo (All Except Spark) Part No. Maptuner X Water-Resistant Silicone Case 01-MT041 RIVA MAPTUNER X DATA LOGGER Record real time data directly from your watercraft for later review with the most powerful tuning tool on the mar- ket! The new MaptunerX Data Logger Application can record any data that is monitored by the MaptunerX including input from outside accessory devices. Description Part No. Maptuner X Data Logger Available Summer 2018 RIVA MAPTUNER X PLX WIDEBAND AIR/FUEL SENSOR MODULE PLX's next generation wideband oxy- gen sensor controller with intelligent health monitoring technology and cur- rent for improved sensor performance. The new Gen4 Wideband AFR utilizes the next generation in Bosch Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio sensor technology. The Gen4 is faster, more accurate, more durable, and uses less power than the Gen3. The Gen4 also employs the innovative PLX Devices new intelligent health monitoring technology where the oxygen sensor is meticulously moni- tored every 2mS (488 times per second) to obtain peak performance, accura- cy and reaction time. Pair the SM/AFR with the updated patented DM-6 touch screen MultiGauge, battery voltage is displayed from 9V-20V, sensor life is displayed from 0-100%. The oxygen sensor reaction time is displayed from 10mS/1000mS on the brilliant high contrast OLED display. The PLX Wideband AFR (UEGO) combines an accurate, fast response wide- band AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) controller with a Bosch LSU4.9 wideband oxygen sensor. Description Part No. Maptuner X 897346002726 PLX Wideband Air/Fuel Sensor Module This Data Logger upgrade will require this item to install the O2 Sensor: Description Part No. RIVA Sea-Doo 1503 O2 Sensor Install Kit RS15050-SK-O2