2018 Hot Products Catalog

RRP REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR RRP HANDLEPOLES Description Part No. 1. RRP Cast Pole Replacement Upper Part UPPER PART for Part # HP-YAM/KAW-CAST (Black) 2. RRP Cast Handlepole Bolt Kit RRP-HP-CST-BLT (Set of 3 bolts with nuts) 3. RRP Replacement Tubes (Sold individually) See Above 4. RRP Threaded Safety Rod for 26” Tube TR-26 4. RRP Threaded Safety Rod for 23.5” Tube TR-23.5 5. RRP 5mm Steering Cable Hardware STR-BLK-5MM 5. RRP 6mm Heavy Duty STR-BLK-6MM Steering Cable Hardware 6. RRP Yamaha Cast Pole Bushings (sold in pairs) BU-YAM 6. RRP Kawasaki Cast Pole Bushings (sold in pairs) BU-KAW 6. RRP Yamaha pre 1995 & FX-1 SuperJet BU-YAM-92-95 Cast Pole Bushings (sold in pairs) 6. RRP Hydrospace Bushings (sold in pairs) BU-HYDRO 6. RRP Yamaha Billet Pole Bushings BU-BILLET-YAM (sold in pairs) 6. RRP Kawasaki Billet Pole Bushings BU-BILLET-KAW (sold in pairs) 7. RRP Cast Pole Replacement Bottom Part BOTTOM PART for Part # HP-YAM/KAW-CAST (Black) Includes the RRP-HP-CST-BLT (#2 in diagram above) 77 FREESTYLE FREERIDE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE CHEMICAL © 2018 Hot Products. All rights reserved. HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 RRP CAST ADJUSTABLE HANDLEPOLE FOR RICKTER, KAWASAKI, YAMAHA AND OCTANE Description Tube Color Part No. Cast Pole Black Silver HP-YAM/KAW-CAST Cast Pole White Black HP-YAM/KAW-CAST-WH RRP BILLET ADJUSTABLE HANDLEPOLE FOR HYDROSPACE Description Tube Color Part No. Billet Hydrospace Pole Silver HP-HS-BLT-BLK *Special order only FREESTYLE • FREERIDE RRP ALUMINUM REPLACEMENT HANDLEPOLE TUBES RRP Aluminum replacement tubes fit all RRP handlepoles. RRP Tube Length Tube Color Part No. Aluminum 26” Green AL-TUBE-26-GN Aluminum 26” Black AL-TUBE-26-BLK Aluminum 26” Blue AL-TUBE-26-BLU Aluminum 26” Orange AL-TUBE-26-ORG Aluminum 26” Red AL-TUBE-26-RD Aluminum 26” Silver AL-TUBE-26-SLV Aluminum 23.5” Silver AL-TUBE-23.5-SLV *RRP handlepole tubes sold individually RRP CARBON TUBES New 100% carbon fiber tubes for that freestyle or racer looking to build the lightest possible ski. These carbon tubes have a weight savings of appx 60% compared to the RRP standard aluminum tubes. Not recommended for Freeriding or Surf skis. Description Length Part No. RRP Carbon Tube 20” CB-TUBE-20 RRP Carbon Tube 26” CB-TUBE-26 *RRP handlepole tubes sold individually A. B. C. D. E. RRP HANDLEPOLE BUSHINGS Sold in pairs. Description Part No. A. RRP Yamaha SJ 96+ BU-YAM Cast Handlepole Bushing B. RRP Kawasaki SXR BU-KAW Cast Handlepole Bushing C. RRP Hydrospace BU-HYDRO Cast and Billet Handlepole Bushing D. RRP Kawasaki SXR BU-BILLET-KAW Billet & CBX Handlepole Bushing E. RRP Yamaha SJ96+ BU-BILLET-YAM Billet & CBX Handlepole Bushing RRP Yamaha SJ (95), BU-YAM-92-95 FX-1 Cast Handlepole Bushing