2019 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 15 SEA-DOO SPARK INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. SEA-DOO SPARK • PUMP Skat-Trak 140-75-30 Solas SK-CD-12/17 STAINLESS STEEL WEAR RING FOR SPARK Replaces original plastic liner with easy installation. Durable, stainless steel resists debris damage and saltwater corrosion. Description Part No. Solas Spark Wear Ring SK-HS-140 RIVA Spark Wear Ring RS33-140-SK Skat-Trak Spark Wear Ring REPAIRSDWR140 ULTIMATE SPARK PUMP SEAL Replaces R&D Racing Part# 163-81590 and OEM Part# 293200134 Description Part No. Pump Seal for Spark Wear Ring 54-3520 WSM IMPELLER SHAFT Description Part No. Spark Impeller Shaft (OEM# 267000581) 003-113-03 R&D ADJUSTABLE ANTI-CAVITATION SEA-DOO SPARK PUMP CONE The R&D Billet Adjustable Pump Cone Kit is a creative new bolt on part that adds additional length over the OEM cone, and comes complete with tuning spacers. The extended length allows custom RPM tuning, reduced cavitation and adds additional pump thrust. Precision tuning the pump cones length with the kit included cone spacers will add to top speed while keeping the engine RPMs stable and out of the rev limiter. Description Part No. Spark Adjustable Anti-cavitation pump cone 163-95900 003-501S 003-501 003-553 SOLAS STAINLESS STEEL STATOR VANE Description Part No. Sea-Doo Spark Stator Vane Ring (12 Vanes) SK-SV-140/75 IMPELLER WRENCH TOOL Holds spline of drive shaft for removal of impeller. Sea-Doo Part No. 580/650/720/800/951 All, Spark TOOL#23 18mm spline, 18 tooth WSM SEA-DOO SPARK JET PUMP REPAIR KIT Description Part No. Sea-Doo Spark Jet Pump Repair Kit 003-646 JET PUMP REPAIR INDIVIDUAL PARTS *Not included in kit DESCRIPTION O.E. NO. REQ REF NO. PART NO. O-Ring 293300114 1 1 008-648* C-Clip 293370038 1 2 003-097 Seal 293200089 1 3 009-731-02 Spacer 271001393 1 4 003-138* Seal 293200086 1 5 009-731-01T O-Ring 293300090 1 6 008-645 Bearing 267000583 1 7 010-203-02 Nut 250100104 1 8 014-915* Shaft 267000581 1 9 003-113-03* WSM WEAR RING & TRIM SEAL FOR SPARK Description Part No. Spark Wear Ring with Stainless Steel Liner 003-501S Spark Composite Wear Ring 003-501 Spark Trim Seal OEM# 293200134 003-553 SPARK IMPELLERS Description Recommendation Part No. Skat-Trak Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Stock SS407530SW1214 Solas Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Stock SK-CD-12/14 Solas Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Stock/Ltd. SK-CD-12/17 Solas Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Mod. SK-CD-13/18