2019 Hot Products Catalog

RS12140-IMUK HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 17 SEA-DOO 4 STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. Sea-Doo Spark Parts & Accessories are now in the new Sea-Doo Spark feature section pages 8-15 SEA-DOO 4-STROKE • INTAKE RIVA INTAKE MANIFOLD UPGRADE KIT RIVA’s See-Doo 230/300 Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit enables your engine to produce more horsepower through increased boost pressure (+1lb). Supplied hole saw & cutting fixture allow easy removal of restrictive screen element from inside of intake manifold. Special O-ringed, billet block-off plug fills opening left after removal of screen element. Includes detailed installation instructions. Key Features: • Delivers increased boot pressure and performance. • Includes hole saw and aluminum cutting fixture for easy installation. • Billet aluminum block-off attaches with precision machined clamping system. • Accepts OEM MAP/TEMP sensor. • Features 1/8 NPT accessory port with block-off plug. Description Part No. RXP-X/RXP-X 255/260 RS12080-IMUK RXP-X 300 (2016-18), RXT-X 300 (2016-17) RS12140-IMUK GTR 230 (2017-19), GTR-X 230 (2017-19), GTX LTD 300 (2016-17) TORX ® SOCKET SET FOR SEA-DOO ENGINES Special Star Sockets for Sea-Doo 4-TEC & DI engine bolts are made from heat-treated vanadium steel and black oxide coated for durability. Supplied in a convenient vinyl socket holder. Contains Four 3/8” Drive Sockets (T10, T12, T14, T16) and three 1/4” Drive Sockets (T6, T7, T8) Description Part No. Torx Socket Set LS26750 TORX ® BIT SET FOR SEA-DOO ENGINES Seven 1/4” Hex Insert Bits with 1/4” Drive Bit Holder. T-10 through T-40. Description Part No. Torx Bit Set LS26000 R&D POWER PLENUM FILTER KIT Description Part No. RXP-X(255), RXT-X(255), RXP(215), 203-00255 RXT(185/215), GTX Supercharged 6” 4 1/4” 4” ID WORX RACING PERFORMANCE 4” AIR FILTER WITH 8’ HOSE KIT Kits are everything needed to run a 4” air filter kit with 8 feet of flexible 4-inch Kanaflex hose so they can be mounted anywhere in the ski (Mostly up front). These are perfect for racers and guys with custom set ups. These kits do not include the small mounting bracket that the specific kits have to suit certain models (see above listing). The 4 inch adaptor has threads in it so it can be bolted to the hull for a secure installation. Description Part No. Sea-Doo 4 Tec 185/215/255/260 WR04034 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300, RXT-X 300 WR04038 WR0308-RXTX WORX RACING PERFORMANCE 4” AIR FILTER WITH 4’ HOSE KIT WORX Racing Sea-Doo Performance Air filter kit allows maximum air flow to feed your high performance engine via our huge WORX Racing 4 inch marine flame arrestor, easy mount adaptor, 4 feet of flexible 4-inch Kanaflex hose and our tapered Supercharger mount. By removing restrictive OEM intake system and allowing filter placement in cooler areas inside the hull, this allows for lower intake temps resulting in better acceleration and an increase in top RPM’s. • 4 inch supercharger adaptor • Huge high flow 4-inch Flame arrestor with silicone end cap and stainless binding band idea for saltwater environment. • CNC Billet anodized 4-inch adaptor mounts easily to hull with multiple mount points. Tapped 1/2 inch thread for extra fittings if required. • Kanaflex flexible 4 feet hose with ribbed wall for strength. • All hardware, clamps and crankcase breather filter included in kit. • New Purpose Designed hull mounting bracket that fits to hull with no drilling. Description Part No. Suit RXP-X T3 models (2012-15) WR04034-RXPX (Does not suit 300hp model) GTR 215/230 All Models (2012-2019) WR04034-GTR RXT-X 260 (2010-15), RXT 215 (2010-15), WR04034-RXTX GTX 215 (2010-15) • S3 hull models only (Does not suit any suspension deck models and does not suit 300hp model) RXP-X 300 (2016-19) WR04038-RXPX (Does not suit 260hp model) RXT-X 300 (2016-2017) WR04038-RXTX S3 hull models only (Does not suit 260hp model) RXT-X 300 (2018-19), GTX Ltd 300 (2018-19) WR04038-ST3 ST3 hull models only (Does not suit 260hp model) RXT 230 (2018-19), GTX 230 (2018-19) WR04034-ST3 ST3 hull models only (Does not suit 300hp model) See page 35 Sea-Doo Hull Reference Chart to insure proper fitment