2019 Hot Products Catalog

REPAIR MANUALS Yamaha Water Vehicles 1987-1992 WJ500, WRA650, WR500, SJ650, WR650 Part No. W805 Yamaha Water Vehicles 1993-1996 WR500, SJ650, WR650, WRA650, WRA650A, WRB650, WRB650A, FX700, SJ700, RA700, RA700A, RA700B, WB700A, WRA700, WRB700, WVT700, RA760, WB760, RA1100, WVT100 Part No. W806 Sea-Doo Water Vehicles 1988-1996 Standard GT, GTS, GTX, SP, SPi, XP Part No. W809-3 Yamaha Water Vehicles Four Stroke 2002-2009* 05-08 FX, 05-08 FX Cruiser, 04-08 FX Cruiser High Output, 04-08 FX High Output, 02-04 FX140, 02-04 FX140 Cruiser, 05-09 VX, 05-09 VX Cruiser, 05-09 VX Deluxe, 05-09 VX Sport Part No. W807 Includes color wiring diagrams. Does not cover 1800 cc models. Does not cover 2-stroke models. Kawasaki Jet Ski 1976-1991 JS300, JS550, JS300SX, JS550SX, JS400, JF650X-2, JS440, JS650SX, JF650TS, JL650SC, JB650TS Jet Mate Part No. W801 Kawasaki Jet Ski 1992-1994 JS440, JS550, JS550SX, JB650 Jet Mate, JF650X-2, JF650TS, JL650SC, JS650SX, JH750SS, JS750SX, JH750Xi, JT750ST, JH750XIR Part No. W802 Polaris Water Vehicles 1993-1995 SL650, SL650STD, SL750, SLT750 Part No. W819 Polaris Water Vehicles 1996-1999 SL700, SLT700, SL700 Deluxe, Hurricane, SL780, SLT780, SL900, SL1050, SLH, SLTH, SLXN, SLTX Part No. W820 POLARIS SEA-DOO KAWASAKI Sea-Doo Water Vehicles 1997-2001 GS/GSI/GSX/GSX RFI/ GSX Ltd./GTI/GTS/GTX GTX DI/GTX RFI/GTX Ltd. HX/LRV/RX/RX DI SP/SPX/XP Ltd. Part No. W810 HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 331 FOUR STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. YAMAHA SUPER BN MANUAL For the watercraft tuner working with Super BN series carburetors. Description Part No. Mikuni Manual MK-BN/004 THE “ORIGINAL” JET SKI BIBLE A straight forward high performance guide for the Kawasaki 440, 550, 650. The Watcon 2-stroke tech manual is also included. This is a MUST have book for building, maintaining, or owning a high performance personal watercraft. This manual features David Simon’s “The Understanding of Air Flow.” It goes into structural limitations and factors, crank case design, crank shaft design, cylinder and port design, cylinder head design, exhaust systems and water box design, intake systems, and tuning an engine as a whole. Two great books for the price of one! Description Part No. Jet Ski Bible & JSB-02 Watcon 2-Stroke Technology Notes