2019 Hot Products Catalog

65 ULTRA 250/260/300/310 • INTAKE SYSTEMS © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 KAWASAKI 4 STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX R&D KAWASAKI ULTRA 250/260/300/310 HIGH PERFORMANCE AIR INTAKE SYSTEMS Description Part No. R&D all models of Ultra 250/260/300/310 215-25000 Cool Air Intake Kit RIVA ULTRA 250/260/300/310 PERFORMANCE POWER FILTER KIT RIVA’s Ultra Performance Power Filter Kit: Delivers greatly improved acceleration and increased top speed by replacing the restrictive stock intake system. The Power Filter feeds your supercharger with an increased volume of air via a large 4" diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element. Ducting is precision formed from a race proven composite that will not conduct heat to incoming air. Includes water-repellent pre-filter. IJSBA legal for all classes. Description Part No. RIVA Racing Ultra 250X/250LX/260X/260LX RK13090 Performance Power Filter Kit RIVA Racing Ultra 300X/300LX/310X/310XSE RK13100 310LX/310R Performance Power Filter Kit RIVA Replacement Power Filter only RK13090-2 for RK13090/RK13100 RIVA Pre-Filter only for RK13090-2 RK13090PF-BK R&D 12F/15F FLAME ARRESTOR The R&D filter kit will unleash horsepower trapped in the restrictive stock air box. The exclusive lightweight filter design couples to the OEM throttle body, and is engineered with a large plenum to deliver massive cubic air volume and improved air speed. Kit comes complete with all necessary hardware. Kawasaki Part No. R&D 12F/15F Flame Arrestor 215-15011 RK13090 RK13100 RIVA RACING ULTRA LX/STX-12F/15F PERFORMANCE POWER FILTER KIT • Increases airflow and power. • Installs easily. • Mounts directly onto stock throttle body. • Built to our specifications by K&N. • Includes two smaller K&N filters for engine breather hoses and water repellent pre-filter cover for primary filter. Kawasaki Part No. Ultra LX, STX-F Power Filter RK13085 Replacement Filter only RK13085-1 RIVA POWER FILTER KIT REPLACEMENT FLAME ARRESTOR CHART Yamaha Description Replacement Filter RY13120 19+ FX SVHO RK13090-2 RY13100 EX RK13090-2 RY13110 GP1800 RK13090-2 RY13061 08-11 VXR/VXS FXHO RK13090-2 RY13062 12-19 VXR/VXS FXHO RK13090-2 RY13040 09-16 FZ, 08-11 FXSHO RK13090-2 RY13070 12-16 FXSHO, 14-18 FX SVHO RK13090-2 Sea-Doo Description Replacement Filter RS13120 18+ RXT/GTX 300 RK13090-2 RS13111 RXP/RXT 260 GTR 215/230 RK13090-2 RS13140-2 RXP/RXT 300, GTX LTD 300 RK13090-2 RS13130 SPARK RS13050-2 RS13050-03 03 GTX 185 RS13050-2 RS13050-06 GTX 185 04+, 215/255 RS13050-2 RS13100-S RXT / GTX IS/AS RK13090-2 Kawasaki Description Replacement Filter RK13110 1500 SXR RK13085-1 RK13090 ULTRA 250/260 RK13090-2 RK13085 ULTRA LX / STX-F RK13085-1 RK13100 ULTRA 300/310 RK13090-2