2019 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE CONVERSION ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. BULLETT RACING CARBON FIBER RIDE PLATE Bullett’s ride plate will improve overall speed & handling of your water-craft making your riding experience the best possible. Carbon compressed molded to retain the plate shape and design and not bend like aluminum ride plates. Improves lean angle, straight line tracking and overall grip. Description Part No. 800 SXR Carbon Fiber Ride Plate RP-KAW SuperJet 08+ Carbon Fiber Ride Plate RP-YAM+08 BULLETT RACING LIGHTWEIGHT 800 SXR HOOD Bullett’s lightweight SXR hood is extremely strong and very durable all while coming in 12lbs lighter than a OEM Kawasaki SXR hood. The hood is predrilled for instal- lation of the OEM hardware and utilizes the OEM hood seal. Features additional clearance for a Factory Dry Pipe. Gloss gel coated finish. Color Part No. Black HOOD-KB-BLK White HOOD-KB-WHT BULLETT RACING V3 RACE HULL The New Bullett Racing V3.0 Race Hull is the culmination of the over 20 years of race hull development. This hull was developed from the V2 and V2.5 WideBoy Hull, the winingness hull in recent years. V3.0 New enhancements and upgrades: • 96 inch long new hull length (IJSBA legal length) • Ultimate stability • Increased corner speeds, the hull spends more time in the water in the choppy conditions there for lap times are improved • Less rider effort, less energy to ride ski • Better hole shots, front of ski does not lift since its longer improving your 0 to 50 mph start times * All parts transfer over from any Bullett Racing V2 and V2.5 * V2.5 Lowered foot tray has been incorporated for lower CG in turns * Aluminum hull extentions * In ski front ballast mount for ultimate tuning in choppy conditions In 2017 Bullett Racing with the new V3.0 Race Hull and rider Jeremy Poret won the IJSBA World Championship and the Kings Cup along with the success in the previous 4 years Bullett Racing collected every cham- pionship that they have raced in: 4 Kings Cups, 10 World Titles, 4 US National Championships, 3 European Championships, the Bullett Racing hull and team have shown the Bullett Racing hull is a winning choice. Bullett Racing only uses the highest quality materials on the market; all of our composite products are built with AME 6000 Pure Epoxy Vinyl Ester resins. Motor mount holes pre-drilled for Kawasaki 800 or 1100 motor configurations. Includes: Top Deck, Bottom Hull, Hood, Carbon Nose Cowl, Billet Aluminum Hull Extensions, Carbon Ride Plate, Pump Shoe, Intake Grate, Drive Shaft, dual cooling lines, trim cable tube, 2.5” exhaust. Hulls are pre- drilled for Motor Mounts, Carrier Bearing, Pump, Gas Cap, Handle Pole Bracket, and drain plugs. Gas Tank and water box tabs are also installed. Options Color Options: Black and White Standard, Metal Flake Colors are available for an additional cost. Mat Kit: Pre-Installed Jettrim Mats are optional Description Part No. V3.0 Race Hull BUL-K1102-V3 V2.5 Race Hull Wideboy Deck BUL-K1102-2 X-2 Sport Hull with V2 Bottom BUL-K1103-2 Hydrospace Hull w/ V2Wideboy MoldedTubbies BUL-H1101-2 Wave Blaster V2 Hull BUL-K1105-2 BULLETT RACING BEARING KEEPER K1100/1200 Bullett Racing bearing keeper was designed for high RPM output 1100/1200 Kawasaki engines. The keep- er is to keep the front bearing in place and not push out the front seal on the flywheel side of the cases. Description Part No. Bearing Keeper K1100/1200 BUL-K1301 Replacement Seal For Bearing Keeper BUL-K1301-SEAL BULLETT RACING CARBON FIBER NOSE COWL Fits Bullett Racing Hulls and Kawasaki SX-R hulls. Description Part No. Carbon Fiber Nose Cowl SXR-003 White Nose Cowl with Carbon Fiber inset SXR-003-WHT BULLETT RACING INTAKE GRATE Bullett Racing hulls utilize a proprietary intake grate designed and manufactured by Bullett Racing, cast aluminum. Fits Bullett Racing V2 and V2.5 hulls. Description Part No. Bullett Racing Intake Grate BUL-V2IG 2018 Kings Cup • Thailand Jeremy Poret Bullett Racing V3.0 90