2019 Hot Products Catalog

JCR-1020-SET JCR-1009-SET ADA BILLET ENGINE MOUNT YAMAHA 3 CYL CONVERSION TO WAVE BLASTER Billet engine mount brackets to allow the Yamaha 1100/1200 (non-power valve) engine to drop right into a WaveBlaster. Sets the rear of the engine in the same spot as the stock, so you still use the stock mid-shaft. Only modification required is to remove the waterbox and grind part of the rib from the waterbox tray. Description Part No. Billet Engine Mount 34-550190 HIGH SPEED INDUSTRIES YAMAHA LITES/SPORTS SPEC EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKET This gasket is designed for Yamaha 62T/64X cylinders that are using a 61X style exhaust manifold. This gasket is ideal for Sport Spec and Lites applications where the exhaust manifold threads have been reduces to M8. This gasket has 62T exhaust ports and M8 (61X) mounting holes. No more grinding a 61X gas- ket to fit your 62T cylinder. Simply install and go. Description Part No. Yamaha Lites/Sport Spec Exhaust Manifold Gasket HSI03 BROWARD MOTORSPORTS BLASTER REAR SPONSONS Description Part No. Wave Blaster 1 Rear Sponsons BM26-7-01 WATCON REAR EXHAUST CONVERSION P/# B1-EK is Watcon Rear exit Exhaust conver- sion for Yamaha B1 Blaster. Comes with Stainless pipe and flange, Block off for original exhaust outlet hole, and hardware. Sounds bet- ter, and lets the exh out the back so it does not dryrot your cooling hoses, and make a mess in the pump tunnel. This is for a 701 Blaster, NOT for conversion blaster. P/# B3-EK is Watcon 3 inch rear exhaust conversion kit for large engine (1100, 1200) Blaster one. Comes as shown with Polished stainless pipe/flange, stain- less mount hardware, and aluminum block off plate for original exhaust outlet. Description Part No. Wave Blaster 1 Rear Exit Exhaust Conversion B1-EK 1100 & 1200 Blaster Rear Exit Exhaust Conversion B3-EK PROWATERCRAFT WAVE BLASTER FRONT SPONSONS Description Part No. Wave Blaster 1 PW-SP-260-HFC RHAAS BLASTER ENGINE SETBACK KIT Setback kit for Blaster twin cylinder motor. This kit allows you to move the motor back 1” - 1 1/4”. You can use a custom midshaft to move back 1 1/4’ or use a GP760 midshaft and move the motor back 1”. Helps to give the boat a little change in attitude and helps getting the nose up for freestyle. Includes motor plates, motor mounts and all hardware to make the swap. Uses oem #65v-51323-00-00 midshaft or WSM 003-257 coupler shaft. Kit includes motor mounts. Description Part No. Blaster Engine Setback Kit BLASTBACK Rhaas Blaster/FX1 Motor Mount only BLASTERBILLET (Sold Individually) JCRACING MID & REAR SPONSONS Description Part No. Mid Sponsons JCR-1020-SET Rear Sponsons JCR-1009-SET Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 94 INTAKE SYSTEMS VINTAGE CONVERSION ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. VINTAGE • WAVEBLASTER RIDE PLATE & INTAKE GRADE Description Part No. Prowatercraft Wave Blaster 1 Racing Ride Plate PW-WB-300-HFC Jet Dynamics Ride Plate 100mm Longer JD#MM-RP Jet Dynamics Intake Grade JD#13SST JD#MM-RP JD#13SST PW-WB-300-HFC Racing 2018 IJSBA B LOWSION W ORLD F INALS IN L AKE H AVASU C ITY , AZ. S AM N EHME J R . - S PORT S PEC • P HOTO COURTESY B ROWARD M OTORSPORTS