2021 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 102 INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE CONVERSION ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. NOVI-TEC CARBURETOR KIT Description Part No. Novi-Tec 48mm Triple Carburetor Kit* TK48XRF-S/S *Special order only DASA KAWASAKI 1100/1200 BILLET INTAKE MANIFOLD Dasa’s billet intake manifold for Mikuni 44mm to 50mm carbs, featuring a carb speed plate and developed for V-Force 3 reed applications (V3150-794-3). Supplied with all required hardware, gaskets and both a pump and diaphragm throttle cable brackets. Description Part No. DASA Kaw 1100/1200 Billet Intake Manifold KA-1101 Replacement O-ring (Sold individually) 137V for DASA Manifold Replacement O-ring (Sold individually) KOM-HWN70-226 for Kommander Manifold CARBURETORS SUPPORT RAIL Description Part No. Kommander Triple Carburetor Support Rail KOM-250-CBAR RHAAS 900-1100 CARB SPEED PLATE ASSEMBLY See page 126 for more information Description Part No. 44mm for 900-1100 Stock Intake 1100SPDPLT-44STOCK to convert 44mm Mikuni Carb 44mm for Aftermarket Intake 120mm Spacing 1100SPDPLT-44/120 46mm for Aftermarket Intake 120mm Spacing 1100SPDPLT-46/120 48mm for Aftermarket Intake 120mm Spacing 1100SPDPLT-48/120 KAWASAKI 1100/1200 SXR CONVERSION FUEL PICKUP FOR 1100 SXR CONVERSION & ZXI/STX-R Provides maximum fuel flow to triple carbs applications. Used by the top Professional Racers for conversion Race Ski applications. This is a complete kit that includes all required parts. Description Color Part No. 1100 SXR/ZXI/STX-R Fuel Pickup Kit Silver 53-9957 1100 SXR/ZXI/STX-R Fuel Pickup Kit Black 53-9958 A. Billet Fuel Pick Up Top Only Silver 31-452090 Billet Fuel Pick Up Top Only Black 31-452000 A. DASA CARBURETOR Description Part No. DASA 48mm Triple Carburetor BN-4803 See page 132 for more information about DASA Carburetors RHAAS SXR 1100 CONVERSION BEARING Bearing and seals are moved forward 1/2”. Made from anodized aluminum. Comes pre-assembled with bearing and seals. Description Part No. SXR1100 Conversion Bearing SXRBEARING ADA RACING 1100 SXR DRIVE COUPLER CONVERSION Billet aluminum drive coupler for the Kawasaki 900/1100 that uses the 750/800 damper. This coupler is for putting a 900/1100 engine into a 750/800 hull. The threads are 24-1.5mm and fit the Kawasaki 1100 crankshaft. This coupler makes light work of coupling the 1100 motor to the SXR drive shaft. Kawasaki style coupler for crank side only of the 1100 motor. Description Part No. ADA Racing 1100 SXR Drive Coupler Conversion 31-700390 BULLETT RACING BEARING KEEPER K1100/1200 Bullett Racing bearing keeper was designed for high RPM output 1100/1200 Kawasaki engines. The keeper is to keep the front bearing in place and not push out the front seal on the flywheel side of the cases. Description Part No. Bearing Keeper K1100/1200 BUL-K1301 Replacement Seal For Bearing Keeper BUL-K1301-SEAL K1100 to GP1200 CARB CONVERSION PLATE Rhaas calls this 44’s on a budget. This plate allows you to run the stock carb racks from a Yamaha GP1200 on a stock Kawasaki 1100 manifold. Upgrade the stock Keihin 1100 carbs with Mikuni 44mm carbs. Kawasaki Part No. Conversion Plate for Kawasaki 1100 1100-GP1200 to use stock GP1200 carb kit