2021 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 105 WAVEBLASTER CONVERSION INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. VINTAGE • WAVEBLASTER PROWATERCRAFT BLASTER HULL EXTENSIONS Description Part No. Wave Blaster 1 PW-03B-700 UMI WAVEBLASTER STEERING SYSTEM The UMI system has been updated to include these new features: • 1” taller steering head height • Steering head now accepts both standard (7/8”) and fat bars (1-1/8”) • The system is now anodized black • Adjustable Quick steering arm * The steering arm is also offered separately for upgrading original UMI Blaster Steering systems. Description Part No. UMI Steering System YA-04700-TS-17 A. UMI Steering Arm Upgrade YA-04700-TS-ARM-17 JCRACING WAVE BLASTER PUMP SETBACK KIT 50mm (2 inch) setback pump kit for Yamaha Wave Blaster B1. Description Part No. Wave Blaster B1 JCR-1000-SET Setback Pump Kit ADA 6MM STEERING CABLE BRACKET Billet adjustable steering cable bracket for the Yamaha WaveBlaster when using a larger diameter 6mm steering cable with drop nozzle and/or aftermar- ket steering arm. Uses 8mm clamping bolts for durability. Includes all stain- less hardware as shown. Clear anodized for protection against corrosion. Description Part No. Steering Cable Bracket 34-510090 ( 6mm Cable) Replacement Steering Cable 6mm 002-051-05 Blaster/GP760/GP800/Rickter MX-1 M 6 X 1.00 Stainless Steel Cable End 58-6336 BROWARD MOTORSPORTS STEERING STOP & ARM Broward Motorsports has developed this long steering arm to allow the rider to create the perfect quick steering for a UMI Blaster Steering system. The Broward steering stop is a simple drop in part to create a new shorter steering stop position to prevent cable failure from the steering bottoming out before hitting the UMI stock steering stop built into the UMI steering system. Description Part No. B. Broward Steering arm for UMI Steering BM25-7-01B C. Broward Steering stop for UMI Steering BM25-7-01A A. C. B. HIGH SPEED INDUS- TRIES WAVEBLASTER HULL EXTENSION KIT Fiberglass hull extension kit for 1993-96 Yamaha Waveblaster 1. Hull extensions add 4” of surface to the bottom of the hull, which drastically improves han- dling on the race course. The extension kits come in two versions. Full length (full 4” length) and Sport Spec (4” with relief cut). The full length extensions come with a cut line marked on them if you wish to cut them down to sport spec size. These extensions will fit all ride plates. Installation instructions and hardware are included in the kit. After installation it is recommended that you true the hull and extensions together for the best results. Description Part No. Sports Spec Hull Extension - White HSI01-WHT Sports Spec Hull Extension - Black HSI01-BLK Full Length Hull Extension - White HSI02-WHT Full Length Hull Extension - Black HSI02-BLK HIGH SPEED INDUSTRIES SUSPENSION STEERING SYSTEM Tired of blowing your wrist out on hard landings when you’re sending it on your Fixed Steer Ski? Here’s your solution! One of a kind Suspension Steering with 2-inches of travel. This system sits 6-inches high from the hull mounting plate to the center of your handlebars. Equipped for 1 1/8 ” (28.6mm) Fat Bars of your choice. The steering cable bracket has three set- tings for Fast, Medium and Slow steering. Anodized Black and uses Marine Grade hardware. Yamaha WaveBlaster 1 and Blaster based aftermarket hulls will use the B1 kit. Also available for the Rickter MX1. Description Part No. Wave Blaster 1 HSI-22-0006 Rickter MX-1 HSI-22-0017 Rickter-RRP 50mm Riser Fat Bars 50-B-F