2021 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 112 INTAKE SYSTEMS VINTAGE CONVERSION ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. VINTAGE • KAWASAKI • X-2 (GEN1) (93-95) • SEA-DOO HX PROWATERCRAFT FRONT SPONSONS WITH UPPER FIN Description Part No. X-2 Font Sponsons without Exhaust hole PW-SP-265-HFC X-2 Font Sponsons with Exhaust hole PW-SP-266-HFC RHAAS 140MM PUMP 1” SPACER Use this spacer to remove the trim assembly from the Kawasaki X2. You can also use this to move the steering nozzle back 1 inch on any Kawasaki hull with a 140 pump. Made from billet 6061 and anodized for corrosion resistance. Description Part No. X-2 140mm Pump 1” Spacer 140SPACER SWITCH HOUSING FOR 650 X2/SX & CONVERSION SKI WITH 650 ELECTRONIC WIRE Description Part No. Switch Housing for 650 X2/SX and WCW-650-HOUSING Conversion Ski with 650 Electronic Wire Kawasaki Jet Ski Lanyard and Switch AZ1030NG Switch Housing with WCW-650-HOUSING-BIL Bilge Switch Slot Bilge Switch with 9 feet of wire 57-3009 KAWASAKI X-2 RIDE PLATE Prowatercraft Part No. 650 X-2 Ride Plate PW-01X2-300-HFC PW-SP-265-HFC PW-SP-266-HFC KAWASAKI X-2 INTAKE GRATE WORX Racing Part No. 650 X2/SX Intake Grate WR202 WATCON - Rock County Jet Ski Part No. 650 X-2/SX Tri-Scoop Intake Grate TRI650 TRI650 PW-01X2-300-HFC WCW-JS-HOUSING WCW-JS-HOUSING-BIL WR202 *Start & Stop Switch Not Included *Actual Product is Black Color *Bilge switch (57-3009) is not included RHAAS ENGINE CONVERSION KITS FOR SEA-DOO HX TO KAWASAKI 900/1100 ENGINE This conversion allows you to put a Kawasaki 900-1100 engine in a Sea-Doo HX hull. All parts are anodized for corrosion resistance. Uses Sea-Doo 951- 800 rear mounts on all 4 locations Description Part No. Engine Conversion Kit HX1100CONV WATERCRAFT WERKS X-2 HOOD BRACKET TOP & BOTTOM Description Part No. X-2 Hood Bracket Set WCW-X2-HBRACKET Replacement Pivot Bolt Kit WCW-X2-BOLTS