2021 Hot Products Catalog

WATCON X-2 HOOD SEAL Kawasaki Part No. X-2 (Gen 1) Hood Seal HS-X2 HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 289 FOUR STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. WATCON HOOD SEAL The self adhesive seal is much thicker and wider, which keeps the hood intact during the wide-open surf rides and big wave action. Fits: 1994-2018 SuperJet, 2002-04 Polaris Octane, 1993-96 Yamaha Wave Blaster, Kawasaki 800 SX-R and aftermarket hulls. Length 108” Description Part. No. Superjet Octane Hood Seal OCT-HS EXTREME THROTTLE YAMAHA WAVE BLASTER HOOD SEAL Length: 100” to 102” (254cm to 259cm) Description Part No. Wave Blaster Hood Seal EXB1SEAL HYDRO-TURF HOOD SEAL 13MM • (1/2") 13mm (1/2”) Hood Seal Gasket with 3M self-adhesive . Made from Hydro-Turf’s 1/2" thick Plush. Size is 1/2” thick (height) x 1" wide x 103" long. Fits most PWC (we recommend the thicker TS56 for Kawasaki JS300/440/550) Description Part. No. Hydro-Turf 13mm Hood Seal Gasket with PSA TS55-PSA HYDRO-TURF HOOD SEAL 26MM • (1") 26mm Hood Seal Gasket ( does not include 3M self-adhesive ). Made from Hydro-Turf’s 1" thick Plush. Size is 1” thick (height) x 1" wide x 103" long. Fits Kawasaki JS300/440/550 (we recommend the thinner TS55 for most other PWC). Description Part. No. Hydro-Turf 26mm (1”) Hood Seal TS56 HYDRO-TURF MOUNTING BLOCK Hydro-Turf mounting blocks can be used for a variety of applications includ- ing: handlepole pads, lifters, footholds and mounting exhausts. Block size is 4.7” wide x 5.1” long, see below for height options. Height PSA Part. No. 2” Block No BLOCK-02 2” Block Yes BLOCK-02-PSA 4” Block No BLOCK-04 4” Block Yes BLOCK-04-PSA HYDRO-TURF HANDLE POLE SHOCK PADS Help cushion your handlepole. Made from Hydro-Turf’s 1" & 2” thick Plush foam. The flat surface also allows you to stack pads more securely. Available in black only and with 3M self-adhesive for quick & easy installation! Description Thickness Part. No. Kawasaki 750SX/SXI/800SXR (1) 1” TS401 Kawasaki 750SX/SXI/800SXR (1) 2” TS402 Kawasaki JS440/550/550SX (2) 1” TS411 Kawasaki JS440/550/550SX (2) 2” TS412 Yamaha Super Jet (1) 1” TS421 Yamaha Super Jet (2) 2” TS422 HYDRO-TURF SIDE LIFTER WEDGE Get added control by adding 1" & 2” thick Side Lifter Wedges. Comes with 3M self- adhesive backing for a strong bond to paint or fiberglass (but use with contact cement if bonding to Hydro-Turf side mats or stacking). Description Color Thickness Part. No. 2” wide x 13” long x 2 pieces Black 1” TS43 2” wide x 13” long 2 pieces Black 2” TS432 2.5” wide x 24” long 2 pieces Black 1” TS44 2.5” wide x 24” long 2 pieces White 1” TS44-WHT 2.5” wide x 24” long 2 pieces Black 2” TS442 TS44 (24” long) TS43 (13” long) TS411 TS421 TS401 BLOCK-02 BLOCK-04