2021 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 291 FOUR STROKE INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. BLOWSION STAINLESS HOOD LATCH ASSEMBLY Fits all 650/750/800/X2 Kawasaki. May also be used to retro-fit all years Yamaha Superjet and FX1. Comes complete with latch assembly and hood clip. 100% polished stainless. Trick and functional. Why incur the factory OEM replace- ment expense? Description Part No. Blowsion Stainless Hood Latch 04-04-030 BLOWSION BILLET FRONT HOOD HOOKS Billet aluminum, anodized black and sold in pairs. Description Part No. 800 SX-R & 1500 SX-R 04-04-101 Superjet 04-04-105 04-04-101 04-04-105 ADA RACING HOOD HOOKS FOR YAMAHA SUPERJET Billet hood hooks for the Yamaha Super Jet designed by freestyle guru Jeremy Parr. Instead of the hood sliding forward into the hooks, these face forward so the hood comes back into them holding the hood from coming backward. Sold in pairs. Color Part No. Silver 34-660190 Black 34-660100 Blue 34-660110 Red 34-660120 TBM 800 SX-R & 1500 SX-R BILLET HOOD HOOKS TBM eliminated all stress risers to ensure latches will stand up to the most extreme riding conditions eliminating the chance of a failure that can lead to the hood coming loose. Sold in pairs. Color Part No. Black TBM109 RRP BILLET HOOD CLIPS AND HOOD PRONGS Billet aluminum, anodized and sold in pairs. Color Part No. Black BL-HC-RICKTER-BLK BILLET HOOD LATCH Recently updated and re-machined to also fit the Kawasaki 800 SX-R, 1500 SX-R, SXI Pro, all Yamaha Superjet and FX1. Description Part No. Black 04-04-001 Blue 04-04-002 Clear 04-04-003 Green 04-04-004 Orange 04-04-005 Red 04-04-007 RRP BILLET HOOD LATCH The new RRP Billet adjustable hood latch is extremely strong and allows you to adjust the amount of pressure on the hood seal in seconds, thus ensuring your ski always has a tight seal. Description Part No. Black RRP-HOOD-LATCH-BLK Red RRP-HOOD-LATCH-RD Blue RRP-HOOD-LATCH-BLU Green RRP-HOOD-LATCH-GN ADA 800 SX-R & 1500 SX-R BILLET HOOD HOOKS Billet aluminum, anodized and sold in pairs. Color Part No. Black 31-660200 Silver 31-660290 RRP COMPLETE BILLET HOOD LATCH ASSEMBLY WITH ADJUSTABLE HOOK Please see page 80 for information. Color Part No. Black RRP-HD-LH-ASSY-BLK Red RRP-HD-LH-ASSY-RD Blue RRP-HD-LH-ASSY-BLU Green RRP-HD-LH-ASSY-GN