2021 Hot Products Catalog

HotProductsUSA.com • Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 69 KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R INTAKE SYSTEMS ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R • FUEL • ENGINE GO FAST RACING KAWASAKI BIG CAM IDLE TUNER KIT The “Big Cam” Engine Idle Tuner kit is a simple bolt on parts kit that works to remove the O.E.M. AIC (Air Idle Control) Stepper Motor from the throttle body, and replace it with a fully adjustable, all billet needle valve assembly. This Kit allows precision “Idle” air volume adjustments to be made and securely locked down when “Higher Lift”, “Larger Duration” Camshaft kits are used/installed, along with tighter LSA (Lobe Separation Angle) packages. As Camshaft Lifts/Durations, and aggressive LSA adjustments are made, Engine Vacuum drops or lowers, and engine idle becomes more difficult or almost impossible to stabilize or control, especially with the OEM “Vacuum Referenced” AIG Motor. The OEM AIC is calibrated to concentrate to a much higher Vacuum, therefore aggressive RPM Hunting and Engine stalling occurs when big cams are installed. This Big Cam Idle Tuner will work to allow a perfect Engine Speed Idle (RPM) with any Camshaft Kit. Super easy to install in 5 minutes, and very easy to adjust! This Idle Tuner Kit fits on all Kawasaki STX-12F/STX-15F/Ultra LX/Ultra 250X/ 1500 SX-R all years. Description Part No. Big Cam Idle Tuner Kit GF-IDL-01 NGK SPARK PLUGS FOR 1500 SX-R Description Part No. Kawasaki 1500 SX-R CR9EKB Solid Top Spark Plugs • Solid in Box of 10 NGK IRIDIUM IX SPARK PLUGS Iridium is significantly stronger than any metal used in spark plugs today. The ignitability and durability is better than platinum. Sold 4 per box. Description Part No. Kawasaki 1500 SX-R CR9EIX CARRILLO CONNECTING RODS Description Part No. Carrillo Connecting Rod Set KA-STX15>-8M4449S-04 1500SX-R, Ultra 250/260/300 & STX-15F (sold 4 rods per set) Carrillo Replacement Rod Bolts BLT-CARR8M-1 1500SX-R. Sold individually. KA-STX15>-8M4449S-04 BLT-CARR8M-1 LA SLEEVE OE REPLACEMENT SLEEVE Description Part No. 1500 SX-R, STX-15F (04-19), Ultra LX (2007-15) KA-5565 WISECO PISTON KIT Piston sold complete with: rings, piston pin and circlips. Compression Ration 10.6:1 Boresize Part No. 83.00mm • STD Bore 40052M08300 *Sold Individually BROWARD MOTORSPORTS RACING 1500 SX-R PISTON INSTALLATION TOOL With the release of the Kawasaki 1500 SX-R and the engine modifications required to compete in the top standup racing class one of the first changes to the engine is rods and pistons. It was very clear that changing and installation of pistons was extremely complicated, Sam Nemhe of Broward Motorsports Racing has developed this amazing tool that will allow installation of all four pistons at one time. No more damaged rings and oil rings. This tool will work on all Kawasaki STX-12F/STX-15F/Ultra LX/Ultra 250X/ 1500 SX-R . Description Part No. BMS 1500 SX-R Piston Installation Tool BM70-60-20 ADA KAWASAKI BILLET OIL FILTER CAP Description Part No. 4 Stroke Oil Filter Cap Black 31-454500 4 Stroke Oil Filter Cap Siver 31-454590