2021 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 74 INTAKE SYSTEMS KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R • PUMP SKAT-TRAK IMPELLER Description Part No. For Bottom / Mid Range SK4875SW1317 For Top Speed SK4875SW1319R Replacement Nose Boots RIMPNOSEBOOTSD20 SOLAS IMPELLER Description Part No. Stock KGX-CD-15/20 Limited/MOD KGX-CD-12/16 SOLAS KAWASAKI 148MM PUMP 12Vane, 148mm, 74mm Hub Description Part No. Solas 148mm pump stater KGX-HSV-148/74 HSV + impeller shaft + bearing + oil seal + cone Solas Complete Jet Pump KGX-PM-148/74T * HSV + impeller shaft + bearing + oil seal + tail cone + nozzle + settering nozzle + trim ring Solas 148mm Trim System KGX-NZ-148/74T * nozzle + steering nozzle +trim ring *This Solas and Solas Trim kit f eatures a straight and centered exit/reduction nozzle specifically developed by Hot Products and Solas for the 1500 SX-R. PUMP SEAL FOR KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R Description Part No. Pump Seal (OEM# 39145-3742) 003-551 R&D ADJUSTABLE ANTI-CAVITATION PUMP CONE The R&D Billet Adjustable Pump Cone Kit is a creative new bolt on part that adds additional length over the OEM cone, and comes complete with tuning spacers. The extended length allows custom RPM tuning, reduced cavitation and adds additional pump thrust. Precision tuning the pump cones length with the kit included cone spacers will add to top speed while keeping the engine RPMs stable and out of the rev limiter. Description Part No. For Stock Pump 161-00806 For Solas Pump 161-00807 SKAT-TRAK TRIM SYSTEM SYSTEM FOR KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R 148MM PUMP See page 284 for more information 1500 SX-R TRIM SYSTEM Part No. No Vane Exit Nozzle PRNKAW1500SXR0 6 Vane Exit Nozzle PRNKAW1500SXR6 7 Vane Exit Nozzle PRNKAW1500SXR7 Kawasaki Long Pulley Trim Cable PRSTKAWSXRTP WSM IMPELLER SHAFT Description OEM# Part No. 1500 SX-R 13107-0739 003-109-04 STX-15F 13107-0765 BROWARD MOTORSPORTS 1500 SX-R PROP REMOVAL TOOL The OEM Kawasaki 1500 SX-R pump shaft has a very small tail that is required to be held during impellor removal and installation. Due to the high horsepower and torque of the engine the impellor can be very tight and the pump shaft tail will twist during removal. This tool will allow you to hold the tail of the pump shafty securely in a vise and prevent damaging the pump shaft. A must have tool. Description Part No. 1500 SX-R Prop Removal Tool BM41-60-8 KGX-PM-148/74T * KGX-HSV-148/74 WSM KAWASAKI 1500 SX-R JET PUMP REBUILD KIT Description Part No. 1500 SX-R (17-21) 003-614-03 STX-15F (12-19) REPLACEMENT SOLAS PARTS FOR KGX/KGS PUMP Description Part No. Solas KGX Impeller shaft 160820314803 Bolt Kit M8 x 1.25 x 140 L, sold individually 85010067 Solas KGX Seal Kit 54-3700 (SCJ ID30xOD50xT7mm) x 2pcs (30x50x7/7.5) x 1 pc Solas Seal and Bearing Kit for KGX Pump 1608158001 SKAT-TRAK 1500 SX-R SETBACK 83MM HUB MAGNUM PUMP Complete pump assembly with dual cooling and pump uses oil lubrication. Setback driveshaft is sold separately. Description Part No. 14 Vane Magnum Pump PSKMAG148/83-14VSB 16 Vane Magnum Pump PSKMAG148/83-16VSB Skat-Trak Setback Driveshaft PRKAWDS1500SXR