2021 Hot Products Catalog

Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 76 ACCESSORIES INTAKE SYSTEMS KAWASAKI 4 STROKE ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX ULTRA 250/260/300/310 • SUPERCHARGER © 2021 Hot Products. All rights reserved. R&D ULTRA SUPERCHARGER BELT TENSIONER WHEEL & BEARING REBUILD KIT R&D has significantly improved the Kawasaki Ultra serpentine belt tensioning wheel system by redesigning and precision matching a new tensioner wheel with a larger O.D. The new R&D Tensioner Wheel offers a wider adjustment range and help to reduce belt slippage via more surface area for belt contact. Less belt slippage with less belt tension reduces heat and promotes super- charger bearing life! The R&D Tensioner Wheel also offers a perfect adjust- ment range when installing an R&D Supercharger Wheel. Bette adjustment promotes less belt slippage which will add a boost in power. Wheel comes complete with precision bearing installed. Description Part No. R&D Ultra 250/260/300/310 611-25000 Supercharger Belt Tensioner Wheel R&D Ultra 250/260/300/310 Bearing Rebuild Kit* 611-25009 * For the use of R&D supercharger pulleys and tensioner wheel only. R&D ULTRA 250X/260X SUPERCHARGER WHEEL PULLER TOOL The R&D wheel puller tool makes it fast and easy to remove a supercharger wheel with- out the removal of the intercooler system or the water muffler assembly. The R&D Supercharger drive wheel puller will save at least an hour on a pulley removal and replacement. A must have tool. Description Part No. R&D Ultra 250X/260X SC Wheel Puller Tool 611-26004 R&D ULTRA 250X/260X SUPERCHARGER WHEEL BILLET HUB KIT The R&D Supercharger Hub Kit will replace the O.E.M.’s vulnerable part with a redesigned and beefed up precision CNC Machined 6061 billet aluminum part that is much stronger than stock. Description Part No. R&D Ultra 250X/260X 611-25001 Supercharger Wheel Hub Kit R&D ULTRA 250X/260X DRIVER WHEEL HOLDER TOOL The R&D Holding Tool makes it fast and easy to remove and re-install a supercharger wheel without damaging or breaking the wheel hub. Use the holding tool to properly torque the drive bolts and main spline drive bolt. A must have tool. Description Part No. Ultra 250X/260X Driver Wheel Holder Tool 611-26003 ADA ULTRA 250X/260X/150/12F/15F BILLET DRIVE COUPLERS Billet aluminum drive coupler set for the Kawasaki 250X & 260X. The crank side coupler with the pulley is 1.24lbs lighter than the stock steel coupler. The pulley diameter is the same as stock. Uses the stock rubber dampener. Clear anodized for protection against saltwater corrosion. These couplers do not fit the Ultra 300X or the Ultra 310 models. Description Part No. Ultra 250X/260X Billet Drive Coupler Set 31-700590 Ultra 150/12F/15F Billet Drive Coupler Set 31-700490 31-700590 R&D ULTRA 250X/260X SUPERCHARGER PULLEYS The new R&D Racing Supercharger Pulley Wheel will deliver a noticeable and impressive boost in torque and overall horsepower. The R&D Pulley is 3/4 lb lighter than the O.E.M. steel pulley, and delivers 2.5 to 3.5 lbs of additional boost pressure along with 30 horsepower. The holeshot acceleration is a solid 1.5-2 boat lengths over stock with a top speed gain of 1 to 2 mph over stock. Description Part No. OEM Replacement Supercharger Pulley 611-25010 R&D ULTRA 250/260/300/310 BOOST GAUGE ADAPTER & BLOCK-OFF KIT The R&D Boost Adapter installs between the supercharger and the waste gate and allows the ability to mount a boost gauge to it via 1/8”. This will enable an accurate measurement of boost the supercharger is delivering with- out premature pressure loss from a leaking waste gate. The plate is supplied with a 1/8” NPT brass plug to allow this plate to be used as a block off when a boost guage is not required. Description Part No. R&D Ultra 250/260/300/310 Boost Gauge Adapter 611-26002