2022 Hot Products Catalog

Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Four Stroke SuperJet 4 STROKE YAMAHA SUPERJET Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 50 © 2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. BODY • JETTRIM BLOWSION BILLET HOOD LOCATORS FOR 4 STROKE SJ (2021+) Blowsion’s billet Hood locators replace the stock hood locators at the rear of the hood. They are stronger then OEM plastic locators to ensure your hood stays in place. Available in all anodized colors. Description Part No. Black 03-03-030 Blue 03-03-031 Green 03-03-032 Orange 03-03-033 Red 03-03-034 Clear 03-03-035 BLOWSION BILLET TOW HOOK COVER FOR 4 STROKE SJ (2021+) Cover up that ugly front OEM tie down d-ring. This billet tow hook cover comes in all anodized colors and will add the final touches to your 2021+ Yamaha SuperJet. Description Part No. Black 04-03-260 Blue 04-03-261 Green 04-03-262 Orange 04-03-263 Red 04-03-264 Clear 04-03-265 PROWATERCRAFT 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021+) BOARDING TRAY DELETE Fill in the boarding tray handle on your 2021+ SuperJet for a safer ride. Description Part No. 4 Stroke Superjet (2021+) Boarding Tray Delete PW-03SJ-650 PROWATERCRAFT 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021+) EXTENDED TRAY KICKER The 2021Yamaha SuperJet tray extension is designed to keep you in the tray and riding better through the chop.The 2.5 ″ lift in the rear of the tray provides a better angle to push from while turning.This steeper angle eliminates slipping out of the tray.The design has been proven in our Hydrospace model by world-famous jet skiers Kevin Reiterer and Steve Dauliach.This product is designed to go under your SJ Jettrim mats. Made from a strong Hybrid-Flex Composite (HFC). Description Part No. 4 Stroke SJ (2021+) Extended Tray Kicker PW-03SJ-610-HFC JETTRIM 5 PIECE MAT KIT WITH SIDE LIFTERS YAMAHA 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-22) Part # YSJ2021-A This kit includes: Cross Stitch Bottom, Sides With Lifters, Dash Panel, Under Mat & Grab handle cover Mat Kit Options: Part No. Front Hump: Small Hump MISC-JT601 Ergo Hump MISC-JT501 Kicker: Straight 1” Kicker MISC-KICKER1 Straight 2” Kicker MISC-KICKER2 Ergo Kicker MISC-JT500 Prowatercraft Tray Kicker PW-03SJ-610-HFC Bottom Mat: Bump Stitch OPTION-BUMP JETTRIM KICK TAIL Description Part No. C. Straight Kicker 1” Tall MISC-KICKER1 D. Straight Kicker 2” Tall MISC-KICKER2 E. Ergo Kicker (Set of 2) MISC-JT500 E. D. C. JETTRIM FRONT HUMP Description Part No. A. Small Front Hump MISC-JT601 B. Ergo Front Hump MISC-JT501 B. A.