2022 Hot Products Catalog

Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Yamaha Four Stroke YAMAHA FOUR STROKE Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 52 © 2022 Hot Products. All rights reserved. INTAKE RY13110 RIVA ENGINE BREATHER UPGRADE KIT Fits 2012-17 models. Fits 2012 FZ models with engine number higher than 6AN 1013200 (without factory equipped breather box) Description Part No. GP1800R SVHO (2019-22), RY19040-12-EBUK FX Cruiser HO (12-22), FX Cruiser SHO (12-15), FX Cruiser SVHO (14-22), FX HO (12-22), FX SHO (12-15), FX SVHO (14- 22), FZR (12-16), FZS (12-16), GP1800 (17-18), FX LTD SVHO (17-22) FX HO (08-11), FX SHO (08-11), RY19040-EBUK-1 FZR (09-11), FZS (09-11), FX Cruiser HO (09-11), FX Cruiser SHO (08-11), VXR (11), VXS (11) RIVA POWER FILTER KIT REPLACEMENT FILTER Yamaha Description Replacement Filter RY13120 19+ FX SVHO RK13090-2 RY13100 EX RK13090-2 RY13110 GP1800 (17-18), RK13090-2 GP1800R SVHO (19-20) RY13060 GP1800R SVHO (2021-22) RK13090-2 RY13061 08-11 VXR/VXS FX HO RK13090-2 RY13062 12-19 VXR/VXS FX HO RK13090-2 RY13040 09-16 FZ, 08-11 FX SHO RK13090-2 RY13160 GP1800R SVHO RK13090-2 RY13170 12-16 FX SHO, 14-18 FX SVHO, RK13090-2 RY13090 VX (2016-20) RK13090-2 Pre Filter for RK13090-2 RK13090PF-BK RIVA POWER FILTER KIT Description Part No. GP1800R SVHO (2021-22) RY13160 GP1800 (2017-18), GP1800R SVHO (2019-20) RY13110 FX SVHO/FX LTD SVHO/FX Cruiser SVHO (2019-22) RY13120-1 FX-SHO/FX-SHO Cruiser (2008-11), RY13040 FZR/FZS (2009-16) FX-SHO (2012-16), FX SVHO (2014-18), RY13070 FX Cruiser SVHO (2014-18) RY19040-12-EBUK RY19040-EBUK-1 RY13061 RY13100 RY13090 RY13140 RIVA POWER FILTER KIT Description Part No. VXR/VXS (2011), FX HO (2008-11) RY13061 FX Cruiser HO (2008-11) VXR (2012-19), VXS (2012-16), FX Cruiser HO RY13062 (2012-21), FX HO (2012-22), VX Cruiser HO (2016-22), GP1800R HO (2020-22), VX LTD HO (2021-22) EX/EX Delux/ EX Sport (2017-22), EXR (2019-21) RY13100 VX (TR-1 Engine) (2016-20) RY13090 VX/VX LTD, VX DLX, VX Cruiser (2016-20) RY13120-1 RIVA YAMAHA 2012 & NEWER 1.8L CATCH CAN / ENGINE BREATHER KIT Key Features: • Eliminates power-robbing oil vapor from intake • Improves Intercooler efficiency • Translucent material allows inspection of oil level • Integrated petcock valve for draining oil • Anti-slosh tank foam to control oil movement Use & Maintenance: • Engine oil level should be at or just below half-way mark on dipstick • Follow proper engine oil level inspection procedure outlined in the owner’s manual • Check and Drain Catch Can as needed • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean Catch Can (acetone, carb cleaner, brake cleaner, etc.) NOTE: Fits 2012 & newer SVHO, SHO & HO engines. For 2008-11 mod- els please contact RIVA Technical Support. Not compatible for with 1050cc TR-1 engine models. Description Part No. 2012 & Newer 1.8L Catch Can / Engine RY19040-BCC Engine Breather Kit