2023 Hot Products Catalog

Four Stroke Intake Systems Engine & Gaskets Exhaust Driveline Handling Electrical Waterline & Bilge Cables Steering & Controls Body Accessories Service Tools & Hardware Index SERVICE TOOLS & HARDWARE Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 365 © 2023 Hot Products. All rights reserved. SHOP TOOLS 3/8" HAND IMPACT TOOL SET Loosens Rusted, Frozen Nuts, Bolts and Screws. Unique design delivers over 200 ft. lbs. of Shock Torque. Can be reversed to tighten. Can also be used with impact sockets! Impact Set Includes: 3/8" Impact Tool 3/8" Bit Holder #1 Phillips Bit #2 Phillips Bit Description Part No. 3/8" Hand Impact Tool Set LS29200 SUPER OUT EXTRACTOR SET A super strong extractor set made of a special hardened, shock-resistant tool steel. Works on both left and right hand threads. Super Outs cut their way straight into bolts, eliminating wedging or further tightening of frozen bolts and screws. Five extractor sizes extract 1/4” to 1/2” and larger bolts and screws. Description Part No. Super Out Extractor Set LS62900 #3 Phillips Bit #4 Phillips Bit 3/8" Straight Slot Bit 4.5 GALLON DRAIN PANS Now with built-in-ribs for draining filters in the pan. For easy transfer of liquids. High-density polyethylene material is resistant to chemicals and solvents, and is easy to clean. 1" wide diameter spout for quick and easy pouring. The anti-splash lip and baffles help prevent spilling when carrying or pouring. Comes with large, easy-grip handles. Description Color Part No. 4.5 Gallon Oil Drain Pan Black LS17942 4.5 Gallon Oil Drain Pan Green LS17952 Description Capacity Part No. Moeller Manual Fluid Extractor 7.0 liter (7.2 qt) 035340 Fluid Extractor Tube Replacement Kit (3 tubes/kit) 035800 *Note: Not for use with gasoline. Adapter Kit Included! MANUAL FLUID EXTRACTOR • No power required • Dual action vacuum pump saves time • Easy-to-carry handle, foot stabilizing features • Extracts warm or cold oil • No-mess design includes tethered cap and easy-pour spout • Manual pressure relief valve prevents burps and spills • Automatic shut-off float eliminates overflow 18” Wide 6” Deep RATIO RITE CUP & LID With Ratio Rite measuring cup get a perfect mix every time. Fill to the pre-calibrated ratio mark and pour into gas. Ratios are from 16:1 to 44:1 for up to 12 gallons. Calibrations also include oz., CCs, and pints. Description Part No. Ratio Cup 59-0548 Ratio Rite Cup Lid 59-0582 FLEXIBLE RETRIEVING TOOL Picks up loose parts in hard-to-reach areas. 23” flexible cable allows you to get into hard-to-reach areas. Simply push button on handle and fingers open 3/4” to grab small parts that you can’t reach by hand Description Part No. 23” Flexible Retrieving Tool LS31140 RIVA DAVIT SLINGS Description Part No. Lifting Sling, Sea-Doo/Kawasaki Runabout All RS1027-IS Lifting Sling, Standup/Sport RY1027 Lifting Sling, Yamaha Runabout All RY1027-20 Due to the size of this product it is not covered by the Hot Products shipping policy. JABSCO ELECTRIC OIL CHANGER Pump Body: Polypropylene Diaphragm: Geolast™ oil resistant Valves: Viton™ oil resistant Motor: 12V DC with integral power switch Receiver: Plastic with 3.5 gal (13.2 L) maximum capacity bucket Battery Leads: 6 ft. (1.8 m) with alligator clips Suction Tube: 8 ft. (2.4 m), oil & heat resistant Dimensions: 12-3/8” (314 mm) diameter, 12-3/4” (324 mm) high Weight (empty): 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) Description Part No. Jabsco Oil Changer 13.2 liter (3.5 gal) 17850-1012 “SWIVEL GRIP” OIL/FUEL FILTER WRENCH For smaller 2 3/8” to 2 5/8” oil filters. For small oil and fuel filters. Tough stainless steel band with special “teeth” for extra gripping power...won't slip. Special narrow 1/2” band fits in tight spots. Handle swivels to clear obstructions and makes it easy to turn in hard to reach locations. Vinyl covered handle. Covers a range of 2 3/8” to 2 5/8” (60.3 - 66.7mm) Description Part No. “Swivel Grip” Oil / Fuel Filter Wrench LS54400 Oil Filter