2023 Hot Products Catalog

Four Stroke Intake Systems Engine & Gaskets Exhaust Driveline Handling Electrical Waterline & Bilge Cables Steering & Controls Body Accessories Service Tools & Hardware Index INDEX Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 367 © 2023 Hot Products. All rights reserved. AIRHEAD ® DOUBLE ACTION PUMP Perfect For Topping off Towables Description Part No. Airhead Double Action Pump AHP-1 BNJ BEARING STEERING SYSTEM FOR SXR/ZAPATA FZ Description Part No. BNJ Bearing BNJ-SXR Steering System for SXR/ZR CLOSE-OUT ITEMS 2004 LENZI DVD 70-0020 2009 LONG BEACH TO CATALINA DVD LB2CAT009 TWANGULATION DVD 70-0022 WORLD FINALS 2007 WFDVD2007 FISTFUL OF FOAM BLOWSION TRICK TIPS ODYSSEY 07-02-267 DVD 2006 WORLD FINALS WFDVD2006 2008 LONG BEACH TO CATALINA DVD OFFSH002 GOGGLE GRIP Description Part No. Goggle Grip Lime Green 70-4046 HYDRO-TURF CLOSEOUT ITEMS Hot Products is no longer a Hydro-Turf Distributor and , the items listed below will be discontinued once sold out. These items are being offered at the 2021/2022 Standard Dealer Prices, Hot Products is not offering discounted pricing at the time of the catalog publication. HYDRO-TURF SHEETS Quantity Part No. Description PSA In Stock SHT37-CD-2TBLK/ONG 2TONE SHT CD TOP:BLK/BTM:ORNG NO 5 SHT37-PSA-CD-2TBLK/ONG SHEET TOP:BLACK/BTM:ORANGE CD YES 1 SHT37-PSA-CD-2TLGN/BLK SHEET TOP:LIME GREEN/BTM:BLACK YES 2 SHT40-F-PUR 40X62 FLAT SHEET PURPLE NO 2 SHT40-PSA-CD-GNCAM 40X62 SHEET CD GREEN CAMO YES 2 SHT40-PSA-CG-BLCAM 40X62 SHEET CG BLUE CAMO YES 2 SHT47-CG-SWCAM 47X86 SHEET CG SWAMP CAMO NO 2 BATTERY PORTABLE CHARGERS The Guest automatic 3 stage portable battery charger is designed for fast charging and maintenance of 12v batteries. A durable case makes the charger waterproof, shockproof and corrosion proof. LED indica- tors, as well as electronic overload, polarity and thermal protection keep batteries safe and insure that they will never be overcharged. The charger features 6' AC cord and 4' DC output wire with alligator clips. Requires an input voltage of 100-130v AC/50-60Hz. Description Part No. A. Portable Battery Charger - 12 volt, 6 amps CU2606A B. Portable Battery Charger - 12 volt, 10 amps CU2612A A. B. Top Color: Lime Green Grooves: Black Code: 2TLGN/BLK Top Color: Black Grooves: Orange Code: 2TBLK/ONG Color: Blue Camo Code: BLCAM Color: Green Camo Code: GNCAM FZR (09-11) AZ-SEWFZR-B FX Cruiser HO, FX Cruiser SVHO & LTD (19-20) AZ-SEWFX3C-A GT Family (90-95) GTS (96-00) / GTI (96) SEW82-B GTS 130 AZ-SEW884-B SEA-DOO PRE-COLORED SEAT COVER Quantity Part No. Description In Stock SEW82 GT Family (1990-95) / GTS (1996-00) / GTI (1996) 1 SEA-DOO PREMIER SEAT COVER Quantity Part No. Description In Stock AZ-SEW884 GTS 130 / GTI 130 (2011-17) / Wake 155 (2012-17) 1 YAMAHA PREMIER SEAT COVER Quantity Part No. Description In Stock AZ-SEWFX3C FX CRUISER HO,FX CRUISER SVHO (2019-20) 1 AZ-SEWFZR-B FZR (2009-11) SEAT COVER BLACK/SILVER 2 Color: Purple Code: PUR