2023 Hot Products Catalog

2023 Hot Products Cover Featured Race Team Rius Racing Jaiden & Nicolas Jaiden Rius is the son of multi World Champion Nicolas “The Fighter” Rius. Jaiden has been around the sport and industry his en- tire life and in December 2021 he jumped in the tray of a Jet Ski and started riding. You could see his talent and passion for the sport and started riding with his father Nicolas. A Yamaha (2 Stroke) SuperJet was purchased and with the help of TC Freeride it was built into a Lites Class Race Ski. He loves his ski and can be found at body beach most afternoons riding and training with Nicolas and the Havasu racers. In March of 2022 he went to the starting line and he took his first start and offi- cially became a IJSBA Jr 10-12 Lites Racer, with his training and his dad right there at every step of the way, he won a moto along in his first season! For 2023 Jaiden will be racing in 10-12 Jr Lites class and also will begin racing in the Jr Four Stroke Lites Class for the 2023 season. His goal it to attend all the Best of the West Races, Full Throttle Water X and to race in the 2023 IJSBA World Finals in both race classes. In early 2023 Jayden competed and won both rounds in Full Throttle Water X. As for dear old dad, Nicolas is a Multi World Champion and has always been a top contender in every class and race he has entered. For 2023 Nicolas is practicing and training to race in the Pro Ski class and is looking forward to adding to his listed championship’s. 17x World Champion 16x Belgium Champion 16x European Champion 4x US National Champion 9x French Champion Championship in Pro Ski, Runabout and Sport Classes. Photos courtesy of Ken Gallagher Lake Havasu