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Engine Conversion Intake Systems Engine & Gaskets Exhaust Driveline Handling Electrical Waterline & Bilge Cables Steering & Controls Body Accessories Service Tools & Hardware Index ENGINE CONVERSION Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • 117 © 2024 Hot Products. All rights reserved. KAWASAKI 1100/1200 SX-R CONVERSION KAWASAKI 1100 ENGINE OIL INJECTION PUMP BLOCK OFF PLATE Billet aluminum oil injection block off plate for Kawasaki 1100. Stainless allen bolts and O-ring included. Description Part No. A. ADA Front Oil Injection Cover - Black 31-453000 B. ADA Front Oil Injection Cover - Silver 31-453090 B. A. ADA RACING KAWASAKI 1100 BILLET HEAD All ADA Racing billet heads are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined for consistency and performance. Anodized for protection against corrosion. All ADA Racing head shells include o-rings and brass fittings. Description Color Part No. K1100 Non-Girdle Billet Head Shell Silver KA900/1100 K1100 Non-Girdle Billet Head Shell Black KA900/1100-BLK K1100 Girdle Billet Head Shell Silver KA1100M K1100 Girdle Billet Head Shell Black KA1100M-BLK K1100 Girdle Kit for KA1100M KA1100G K1100 22cc Dome (215 lbs. - 112 Octane) 82mm KD1222 K1100 24cc Dome (200 lbs. - 108 Octane) 82mm KD1224 K1100 26cc Dome (185 lbs. - 105 Octane) 82mm KD1226 K1100 28cc Dome (170 lbs. - 95 Octane) 82mm KD1228 K1100 30cc Dome (155 lbs. - 91 Octane) 82mm KD1230 K1100 32cc Dome (145 lbs. - 89 Octane) 82mm KD1232 K1100 O-Ring Kit ORKITK1100 *All ADA Racing Domes are sold individually Kawasaki 1100 Non-Girdle Head Kawasaki 1100 Girdle Head & Girdle Kit KOMMANDER KAW TRIPLE 1100/1200 HEAD Billet Aluminum Head & Domes, Fits all 1100 triple Kawasaki motors. Kommander Industries billet aluminum domes are made for racing, utilizing custom dome architecture for maximum fuel burn and horsepower gains, these domes are ready for the races. Domes are sold individually. Description Part No. Kommander 1100 Billet Girdle Head KOM-110-GZXI ( O-Ring Kit and Two 90° Head Water Fittings Included) Available in Red Only Kommander 1100 Billet Head O-Ring Kit KOM-110-O-RING Kommander Girdle Head Hardware Kit KOM-110-HARDWARE Description Bore Size Dome Size Part No. K1100 Dome 82mm 24cc KOM-822400-ZXI K1100 Dome 82mm 26cc KOM-822600-ZXI K1100 Dome 82mm 28cc KOM-822800-ZXI K1100 Dome 82mm 30cc KOM-823000-ZXI K1200 Dome 85mm 22cc KOM-852200-ZXI K1200 Dome 85mm 24cc KOM-852400-ZXI K1200 Dome 85mm 26cc KOM-852600-ZXI *Domes are sold separately, not included with the head shell. *Domes are sold separately, not included with the head shell. KAW 1100 BASE GASKETS Solid aluminum core with high density fiber facing. Kawasaki Base Basket Thickness Part No. 1100 Base .025” - .64mm 7615.025 1100 Base .030” - .75mm 7615.030 1100 Base .040” - 1.00mm 7615.040 1100 Base .050” - 1.25mm 7615.050 1100 Base .060” - 1.50mm 7615.060 1100 Base .065” - 1.65mm 7615.065 Special Race Dome with a 3˚ squish angle and a wider squish band (closer to 50% of the bore size) Description Bore Size Dome Size Part No. K1100 Race Dome 82mm 22cc KD8222 K1100 Race Dome 82mm 24cc KD8224 K1100 Race Dome 82mm 26cc KD8226 K1100 Race Dome 82mm 28cc KD8228 K1100 Race Dome 82mm 30cc KD8230 K1100 Race Dome 82mm 32cc KD8232 K1200 Race Dome 85mm 22cc KD8522 K1200 Race Dome 85mm 24cc KD8524 K1200 Race Dome 85mm 26cc KD8526 K1200 Race Dome 85mm 28cc KD8528 K1200 Race Dome 85mm 30cc KD8530 K1200 Race Dome 85mm 32cc KD8532 BROWARD MOTORSPORTS KAWASAKI 1100 FLYWHEEL AND PICK UP PLATE Description Part No. E. Kawasaki 1100 Billet Aluminum Flywheel BM71-60-01 for MSD System F. Kawasaki 1100 Billet Aluminum Flywheel BM71-60-02 for MOTEC System G. Kawasaki 1100 Pick Up Plate for MSD System BM71-60-10 E. F. G.