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Four Stroke Intake Systems Engine & Gaskets Exhaust Driveline Handling Electrical Waterline & Bilge Cables Steering & Controls Body Accessories Service Tools & Hardware Index ELECTRICAL Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • 259 © 2024 Hot Products. All rights reserved. SPARK PLUGS AND TOOLS ***Solid Terminal (Non separable) SOLID RESISTOR PLUGS*** BR7ES-SOLID-4 ** BR8ES-SOLID-4 ** BR8HS-SOLID* BR9ES-SOLID-4 ** BR8ES-11-4 ** (For Yam GPR) *Sold 10 per Box **Sold 4 per Box RESISTOR PLUGS BR7HS-4 ** BPR8ES-4 ** BPR9ES-4 ** BR8ES-4 ** BR8HS-4 ** BR9ES-4 ** BR9HS-4 ** *Sold 10 per Box **Sold 4 per Box STANDARD PLUGS B7HS-4 ** B8ES-4 ** B8HS-4 ** **Sold 4 per Box *(Terminal can be removed) Find the NGK Spark Plug for your application using the NGK Spark Plug Finder NGK IRIDIUM IX SPARK PLUGS Iridium is significantly stronger than any Metal used in spark plugs today. The ignitability and durability is better than platinum. Sold 4 per box. IRIDIUM IX PLUGS BR8EIX (Not Solid Top) BR8EIX-SOLID-4 BR8HIX BR9EIX BPR8EIX BPR9EIX BKR7EIX-11 CR8EIX CR9EIX DCPR8EIX LFR7AIX *Iridium plugs are gapped at NGK, if you try to gap the plugs you will damage the center electrode. NGK SPECIAL SPARK PLUGS FOR FOUR STROKE ENGINES Description Box Qty Terminal Part No. Sea-Doo 300 (ACE 1630) 4 Solid KR9E-G-4 Newer OEM Plug with New Electrode Material Sea-Doo 300 (ACE 1630) 4 Solid KR9C-G Sea-Doo GTX-4tec 4 Standard DCPR-8E-4 130/150/185/215/260 Sea-Doo 4 Lazer LMAR9AI-8D GTI/GTR/WAVE/130/170/230 Iridium Sea-Doo GTX-DI, LRV-DI, RX-DI 4 Solid ZFR4F-11 Sea-Doo Spark 4 Solid CR8EB-4 Kawasaki 1100 STX-DI, Ultra 130 DI 4 Solid PZFR7G-G Kawasaki Ultra 150 A-1 10 Solid R6918C-9 Kawasaki Ultra 150 A-2-3 4 Standard BR9ES-4 Kawasaki STX 12F/15F 10 Threaded Stud CR9EK Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300 4 Solid PMR9B Kawasaki 1500 SXR 10 Solid CR9EKB Yamaha FX 140/160, VX110, 4 Solid CR9EB-4 EX 4 Stroke SJ Yamaha FX SHO, FZR, FZS 4 Solid LFR6A-4 Yamaha FX SHO, FZR, FZS 4 V Power LFR6A-11-4 Yamaha FX SVHO 4 Solid LFR7A-4 Polaris M140, Genesis 4 Solid PZFR6H Hydrospace S4 4 Solid BKR7EIX-11 Honda 4 Stroke 4 Solid IMR9D-9H Looking for spark plugs not listed? Hot Products can special order spark plugs for any application, contact us for details, info and pricing. STANDARD/ HIGH ENERGY SPARK PLUG GAUGE & GAPPER Gauge and gap all types of spark plugs from .020” to .110 (.50mm to 2.53mm). Description Part No. Spark Plug Gauge and Gapper LS67870 NIPPON DENSO IRIDIUM SPARK PLUGS Description Part No. Sea-Doo GTX-4tec, RXP/RXT/RXP-X/RXT-X IXU24 Sea-Doo GTX-DI, LRV-DI, RX-DI IK-16 Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300 IU27 Kawasaki STX-12F/15F IU27A Yamaha FX-SHO, FZR, FZS IKH-20 *All Nippon Denso Iridium Spark Plugs are 4 per package. *Iridium plugs are gapped at Nippon Denso, if you try to gap the plugs you will damage the center electrode. GAPPING GAUGING NGK SPARK PLUGS WSM RESISTOR SPARK PLUG COVERS (CAP) Resistor Covers (Caps) may be required for power sport applications when spark plugs alone do not provide sufficient noise suppression. Built to withstand extreme heat and vibration. Sold Individually Resistance: 5k ohm Suitable ø Plug Thread: 14mm Wire Suitable Terminal Type: Terminal Nut or Solid Post Description Part No. WSM Resistor Spark Plug Cover 369-127