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Four Stroke Intake Systems Engine & Gaskets Exhaust Driveline Handling Electrical Waterline & Bilge Cables Steering & Controls Body Accessories Service Tools & Hardware Index WATERLINE & BILGE Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • 279 © 2024 Hot Products. All rights reserved. BILGE PUMPS & BRACKETS 1231R FOR 25DA RULE BILGE PUMP PLASTIC BILGE HOSE Description Length Part No. F. 3/4” Hose 12” 57-4008-BLK 3/4”Hose(10-pack) 120” 57-4008-BLK-10PK G. 1-1/8” Hose 12” 57-4009 Clamp for 3/4” Hose 62M10 Clamp for 1-1/8” Hose 62M16 The new bilge pump design include: • Rule pumps are tested to the highest standard, achieving rated performance at 12V vs. 13.6V • Higher Flow – optimized impeller to provide greater flow at the same amperage • Built-in Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) – provides added protection for pump and vessel • Back Flow Prevention - reduces the amount of water left over in the bilge, reducing odor and helping keep your bilge cleaner • Hidden Air Vents in the Body – helps prevent air locking in challenging plumbing installations and helps with the check valve • Threaded Discharge - easier installation, easier maintenance Description Hose Height Part No. A. 500 GPH 3/4” 3.9” (99mm) 25DA B. 1100 GPH 1 1/8” 4 3/8” (111mm) 27DA Replacement Strainer Base • 500GPH Pump Part# 25DA & 25SA 1231R Replacement Strainer Base 1232R 800GPH Pump Part# 20DA • 1100GPH Pump Part# 27DA & 27SA C. D. F. G. RULE STRAINER BASE & STAINLESS STEEL DEBRIS STRAINER Fits: 25D, 20R, 27D, 25S-6WC, 25D-6WC Description Part No. Blue Plastic Strainer Base RULE275 C. Black Gas Resistant Strainer Base RULE276 D. Stainless Steel Debris Strainer RULE70 New threaded discharge with back flow prevention check valve* New base design with stonger locking tabs 1232R FOR 27DA *Discharge Check Valve A. & B. HOT PRODUCTS BILGE ELECTRICAL PARTS KIT Kit contains waterproof fuse holder, 6 amp fuse, ring terminal shrink tubing. Description Part No. R. Bilge Electrical Parts Kit 57-3030 S. Fuse Only (3 pcs) 57-3033 ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC SENSING BILGE PUMP Description Hose Part No. 500 GPH 3/4” 25SA 1100 GPH 1 1/8” 27SA R. S. 27SA 800 Gallon per hour manually activated pump removes water from engine compartment. Description Hose Height Part No. 800 GPH 3/4” 4 3/8” (111mm) 20DA 20DA 2023 SBT IJSBA W ORLD F INALS • L AKE H AVASU