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2024 Hot Products Cover Featured Racer Tyler Kennedy Tyler relocated to Lake Havasu in the summer of 2021 when his parents moved Worx Racing USA to Lake Havasu. Before moving to Lake Havasu Tyler was a top player for a traveling baseball team, but once the family was in Havasu Tyler was made an offer: Baseball or Jet Ski Racing. As you can tell not only did he choose Jet Ski Racing, but is one of the top IJSBA Havasu based racers. Tyler comes from a great and supporting family: Kyle, Tanya, Kendra and Kaylee. His sisters Kendra and Kaylee as also racers and you find the family at body beach riding and training multiple times a week. Tyler is enrolled in MCC Medical Terminology Anatomy & Physiology class and Fire Science with a goal to become a Lake Havasu City Medical Fireman. Tyler currently races: 2 Stroke Lites Superjet 4 Stroke Lites Superjet Tyler sponsors are; Worx Racing Hot Products Dasa Racing TC Freeride Havasu Turf Pros Garitee Landscape Lake Life Jet Trim The Office Bar Havasu Tasco Gloves Nauti Shine Race Results: Jet-Jam/Best of the West 2023 Round 1 • 2nd Place Jet-Jam/Best of the West 2023 Round 6 • 2nd Place Jet-Jam/Best of the West 2023 Round 10 • 1st Place Jet-Jam/Best of the West 2023 Round 11 • 3rd Place Jet-Jam/Best of the West Overall • 2nd Place Full Throttle Round 2 • 3rd Place Full Throttle Round 5 • 1st Place Full Throttle Round 6 • 3rd Place Full Throttle Overall • 2nd Place World Finals 2023 ProAm Ski Lites • 3rd Place P HOTOS COURTESY OF J IN O MURA