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Index Service Tools & Hardware Accessories Body Steering & Controls Cables Waterline & Bilge Electrical Driveline Handling Exhaust Engine & Gaskets Intake Systems Four Stroke SuperJet 4 STROKE YAMAHA SUPERJET Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • 50 © 2024 Hot Products. All rights reserved. MAPTUNER • ENGINE • INTAKE 60mph @ 8,400 rpm Description Part No. RIVA Maptuner Nano RY210NA-B-TR1 Yamaha TR-1 Bundle RIVA Yamaha (2021-24) SuperJet RY13130 Power Filter Kit RIVA Pre-Filter for RS13050PF-BLK RY13130 Power Filter RIVA Yamaha (2021-24) SuperJet RY16130 Free Flow Exhaust Kit Solas Yamaha Concord YJ-CD-12/17 144mm 12/17 impeller See more RIVA Racing Performance Kits at RIVA PERFORMANCE KIT YAMAHA 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-24) C. D. RIVA YAMAHA 4 STROKE SUPERJET POWER FILTER KIT • Delivers increased acceleration & power. • Oversized flame arrestor is positioned up and away from hood seal area for dry operation. • Includes Engine Breather/Catch Can to protect engine from potential oil hydrolock when craft is rolled over. • Cleans up engine compartment with removal of bulky air box & relocation of electrical components. • IJSBA Race Legal. NOTE: Riva recommends the use of a RIVA Pre-filter Cover to prevent water intrusion. Part# RS13050-PF-BLK. Description Part No. Yamaha 4 Stroke Superjet (2021-24) Power Filter Kit RY13130 RIVA Pre Filter Cover (Black) RS13050-PF-BLK Product Video WORX RACING 4 STROKE SUPERJET AIR FILTER KIT Worx Racing Yamaha Four Stroke Superjet in- creases air flow to improved acceleration and RPM. Replaces bulky stock air box with a high-volume flame arrestor kit. In- cludes integrated Engine Breather/Catch Can that eliminates power-robbing crankcase vapor from your engine's air intake. • IJSBA Race Legal. Description Part No. SuperJet 21+ Air Filter Kit WR04076 RIVA YAMAHA TR-1 INTAKE MANIFOLD UPGRADE KIT RIVA Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit enables your TR-1 naturally aspirated engine to produce more horse- power by delivering increased air flow. Precision ma- chined billet sleeve directly replaces restrictive mesh element in OEM plastic manifold. Provides improved low end punch and mid- range pull. Includes detailed installation instructions. Requires RIVA Power Filter Kit to meet U.S. Coast Guard certified flame arrestor requirements. Applications: All Yamaha TR-1 (1050cc) Engines Note: Riva’s testing has determined the stock ECU will compensate for the increased air flow provided by the Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit. Description Part No. TR-1 Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit RY12090-IMUK RIVA MAPTUNER FOUR STROKE YAMAHA SUPERJET 2021-24 TR-1 1050 See page 8-11 for more information Description Part No. Maptuner Nano Bundle RY210NA-B-TR1 Yamaha TR1 (2016-24), Four Stroke Superjet (2021-24) Bundle (A, B, C & D) A . RIVA Maptuner Nano 01-NX3A B . RIVA MaptunerX Yamaha License RY110SC-TL C . RIVA MaptunerX Yamaha 2018+ 1.8L & 01-MT023 All TR1 (2016-23) & Four Stroke Superjet (2021-23) Programming Cable D . MaptunerX Yamaha Diagnostic Cable 01-MT020/2 *Upgrade: Maptuner X Bundle available (See page 8-11) NGK SPARK PLUG FOR 4 STROKE SUPERJET (2021-23) Description Part No. Nickel Spark Plug (4/box) CR9EB-4 Iridium X Spark Plug (4/box) CR9EIX B. A. Maptuner X Yamaha Instructional Video