2019 Hot Products Catalog

QL01-B QL01-Y QL02 Orders & Info: 858-453-4454 • HotProductsUSA.com 300 INTAKE SYSTEMS FOUR STROKE ENGINE/ GASKETS EXHAUST DRIVE LINE HANDLING ELECTRICAL WATERLINE /BILGE STEERING & CONTROLS BODY ACCESSORIES SERVICE TOOLS /HARDWARE INDEX © 2019 Hot Products. All rights reserved. AWD PRODUCTS QUICK LOOP A flexible tow loop is required for all watercraft of IJSBA Race. Specially designed to meet IJSBA regulations. The New “Yellow” loop is for all dark bottom hulls, the “Yellow” loop will make it easier for the water safety team to see the loop and hook on to a race ski faster. Description Color Part No. “Tow Hook” Black QL01-B “Tow Hook” Yellow QL01-Y “Bow Eye” Black QL02 HOT PRODUCTS YAMAHA ALUMINUM NOSE BUSHING Yamaha Part No. Silver 57-6310 Black 57-6312 Blue 57-6314 Red 57-6316 HOT PRODUCTS KAWASAKI (89+) ALUMINUM NOSE BUSHING Kawasaki Part No. Silver 57-6270 Black 57-6272 Blue 57-6274 Red 57-6276 HOT PRODUCTS STAINLESS STEEL NOSE BUSHINGS These stainless Steel nose bushings have been developed to prevent corrosion from salt water and the extra strength and durability will allow the bush- ings to last years longer than the aluminum bush- ings. Even the nose bushing nut is stainless steel. Description Part No. Yamaha All 57-6285 Kawasaki 89+ 57-6275 Yamaha 57-6285 Kawasaki 57-6275 BLOWSION EXTENDED ALUMINUM NOSE BUSHING Description Part No. Clear 04-03-058 Black 04-03-051 HOT PRODUCTS 1” EXTENDED LENGTH YAMAHA NOSE BUSHING Yamaha Part No. Silver 57-6510 Black 57-6512 Blue 57-6514 Red 57-6516 BILLET BOW EYE Description Part No. Black TI-BOW-EYE-BIL-BLK Silver TI-BOW-EYE-BIL-SIL Red TI-BOW-EYE-BIL-RED Blue TI-BOW-EYE-BIL-BLU Orange TI-BOW-EYE-BIL-ORG Green TI-BOW-EYE-BIL-GRN TOW/TIE DOWN LOOP FOR YAMAHA A tow/tie down loop for Yamaha stand-up water- crafts, so you don’t have to drill a hole through your custom ski. It is integrated for single bolt use, using the existing metal casting from reduction nozzle to help support the billet loop. This is used in emer- gency situation only and light pressure for tie down function not to be used with a ratchet strap! Description Part No. Black TI-TOW-LP-BLK